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air transporting a cat

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Has anyone ever picked up a kitty at the airport? I adopted a rescue and she is going to be air shipped. How does this work? Do I get a baggage claim check or do I just go to the baggage claim and say I am here for such & such kitty? All I got from the rescue is an email with the date, time & flight #, I am waiting for a response back from the rescue group but have not heard yet. Naturally I am so impatient. I will ask you all too! Thanks if anyone has done this.
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If it's domestic here in NZ we have a special place to go and pick them up. They are always made a huge fuss over. Ring the arline and see.
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Call the airline first, you generally go to a completely different area to pick up live animals. Usually a hangar behind the airstrip. Call them with the information, be sure you get the arrival times right and call them during the day because sometimes the flight gets accelerated or delayed.
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They don't really come into the airport and go with the rest of the baggage - they have a separate area that they are taken to for pick up. I'd call the specific airlines involved and ask them where their live animal pick up is located. I think its within the baggage area, but not with the suitcases.
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I'm glad u asked this question bc i wanted to post the same thing lol. I also have new kitties coming in on Friday on a plane and didnt know what to do. My breeder is gonna email me back with all the info. So i guess i will call the airline when its time
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thanks for the replies! I finally heard back from the rescue and they were waiting on a confirmation and tracking number. So I just take that then go to the baggage service center and they will tell me where to go to get my girl. I am so excited I pick her up in 2 hours! I will be back later to let everyone know the story and introduce my new baby. Thanks again from me & the soon to be incredible quartet!
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This was exactly the same question I've been pondering. Although, I pick up my kitty in May!


So, how did it go?
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If you PM CarolCat she could probably give you some tips. I shipped a kitten to her last July to San Francisco.
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She is home now! It went well, she took it in stride. I picked her up right at the cargo desk. Intros to the gang were slow and paid off well. here she is
her first night home

Pandia today

Hope your kitty does as well! Hugs!& belly rubs
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My kitties came on the plane. They came from FL but had a layover in TX then had to come here to GA, now y would they fly them all the way to TX then all the way back to GA? LOL but the weather was bad, the flights were delayed, suppose to arrive here at 5:30pm but didnt get here till after 11pm. I got 2 brothers that kept each other company and once they got here they have loved us every since

The plane ride was worth the wait!

Oh yeah i had to pick them up at the night cargo place that wasnt located at the airport
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