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This is just a reminder about posting threads. We now have over 2,000 actively posting members. The mods are so busy trying to keep up with the threads, won't you all please help us out here?

We understand that the Lounge gets the most traffic BUT we have specific forums for specific reasons. Many of our advisors, vet techs not read the threads in the lounge.

So if you have a need then please post in the correct forums. Also every time someone posts in another forum that mod gets an alert about that posting. The mod may not be able to run right in and answer it right away but she will as soon as she can, look in her forum and answer the pressing questions.

Just a refresher:

The Cat Lounge- anything off topic allowed here as long as you remember it is a G-rated website. You can talk about your life, complain about your job, share a joke or a good thought, ask for support- whatever isn't strictly cat-related goes here.

Fur Pictures- this is for all cat/ The reason is when photos are posted in the lounge and they are WAY OVER SIZEif slows down the loading time for many members on dial up, with slower computers etc...

Paws and Reflect- this is our literary corner, short stories, poems, blog entries, creative stories, catspeak stories, all belong here. Also there used to be a book club that met there and discussed current bestsellers.

New Cats on the Block- if you are a newcomer here, this is where you say hello and tell us a bit about yourself. But keep it general, if you have a specific problem, then make two different threads and put your problem/concern/question in the correct forum. If you are a seasoned member, pop in here sometimes and say hello to those brave enough to post their intros. You will also be able to hear from the mentors when you post in this forum. These wonderful volunteers are then able to help guide you into how to use the forum, post pictures etc...

Crossing the Bridge- This is the heavy forum. Members who have lost their pets come here to share tributes and learn from others how to get through the process. Not an easy forum to read, but a necessary step to get through the grieving process because not talking about the death of a beloved animal can really cause you some health issues.

Caption This- Members send their funny or thought-provoking photos to (she is our webmistress) then she will go through them and Deb25 will post the photos here for members to come up with cute captions for them.

IMO (In My Opinion) - Sorry but this forum isn't open to everyone. There is criteria. You have to be a member at least 30 days, have 100 posts or better and be 18 years old or older to participate here. Current events, politics, anything thought provoking.

The Members' Market Place- This is for Alpha Cat and above- The ads are free, there is one per month allowed per qualified member

TCS Support Announcements Announcement section for mods only to post, no replies allowed on this portion of the forum

Forums How To's and FAQ's - pretty self-explanatory

The Signature Shop- Shopping for a signature? Or do you just design one? Perhaps you want to test your signature out, this is the place to do so. The signatures have to be legal size both visually and file-wise or they will be deleted.

Tech Talk- Have a general computer question, software issue, anything along this line is welcome here

Health and Nutrition- In this forum any concerns you have about your cat's health, If it is a true emergency don't waste time posting call your vet!

Or,if you have a question about your cat's feeding program, or all the food out there these questions would go here.

Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care- Domestic, or feral or stray. Kittens found with no moms, or new momcat ready to give birth, or that has given birth, or has had problems with delivery. If it is a true emergency don't waste time posting call your vet!

We strongly advocate that all backyard/housecats be spayed or neutered. But we will help you through the process of birthing if we can while asking you to please spay your female and fix your males so no more kittens are in your future.

Behavior- Cat quirks, cats on tables, trying to get outside, funny things your cat does, any questions you have about your cat's actions goes here-

Care and Grooming questions about cat carriers, cat beds, litter pans, traveling with cats- caring for them, moving from one resident to another all goes here.

Breeders Corner- This is where breeders, show people and people interested in starting to breed responsibly come and discuss issues. It is an interesting forum to lurk on, and you learn a lot just by lurking.

Breeders Notice Board- This is now a pay only forum for ads for kittens and retired Queens and studs.

Caring for Strays and Ferals- Pretty self-explanatory. If you have found a stray, or one has wandered in your yard, if you wan to know what TNR stands for, or if you need to find a feral cat group in your area- post here. Lots of knowledgeable people gather here and all of them will help you work your way through trapping and socializing feral cats and kittens.

Cat SOS- Cats in trouble, grim articles about cat abuse (these should carry warnings with them and only have links to the articles, not the full article printed out in the thread) Lost cats, found cats, cats needing good homes, all posts of this nature go here. We also put pleas here for monies to help sick cats and ask our members to be cautious about giving freely without checking out the stories as completely as you can. Anyone posting asking for money for a sick cat, if you want to donate, be sure you are donating to a vet clinic or veterinarian and NOT to the cat owner directly. Anything concerning rescue shelters etc belong here

Ask Animal Control The host of this forum Mark Kumpf is busy but he does drop in from time to time to answer the questions there. The posts may sit for awhile unanswered but just have patience. He does show up when his schedule permits.

You might notice other forums we have- they are sub-forums and now closed to posting. From time-to-time we bring in specialists and experts to host temporary forums and everyone involved learns a lot. There will be other forums coming in the future, and they generally stay open from two weeks to a month depending on the committment of the host.

Please make a concentrated effort to post in the correct forums and lighten the load for the moderators. And please try to be patient if your post isn't answered right away. Don't repost the same thing elsewhere or it will get deleted. Remember we are a bulletin board and NOT a chat room. Answers come, they just sometimes don't come instantly.

If you surf into a forum and don't see any posts, they have just dropped out of sight due to inactivity. Go to the bottom of the forum, where it says Show threads from, then click the down arrow and choose your setting- hit submit and the forum threads will appear.

Please help us to enjoy our time here just like you do. I would much rather be trying to help people and learn about their lives, rather than play cyber- moving mod and be moving threads where they should have been posted in the first place.

Oops, One more thing- those of you who ARE posting in the proper forums THANKS!!!