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New cat doesn't play

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My cat is about two years old, and I got her from a shelter one week ago. She is very pleasant, and seems to like me a lot. I took her to the vet, and she is fine.

But, she doesn't seem to be very active during the day, or really doesn't play with any toys. She seems content with sleeping most of the day and night, and is her most active when she wants attention. She lived in the shelter for a while it seems, and she has trouble jumping. Like I said, I took her to the vet for a checkup, and the vet said she was physically fine, but probably just got so used to sitting around the cage in the shelter all day that she doesn't realize that she can play and wander around my apartment.

She is a little bit more active, but is still not as active as I would like. I'll move toys and try to get her attention, which my old cats had always liked and reacted, but she kind of just looks at the toy and ignores it. How can I get her to be more cat like and play more often? She is not fat, but is a little chubby since she doesn't get enough exercise during the day.
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If you have only had her for a week give her time. Like you said she has been shut up in a cage at the shelter. She is just getting used to a new home.
Time and patience and I bet she will start to play as soon as she becomes used to being out of a cage. Don't press her to much at first give her time to adjust. Shelter cats who knows what kind of life they lived before they came into your home. She maybe not used to being treated kindly and hasn't learned how to play.
Congrats on your new cat. It sounds liike shes friendly she just needs time to adjust.
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Hi! You are wonderful, and I think your cat will be fie once she gets used to a loving home. I am praying for you both.
Do you have a picture of the angel cat?
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I'd just suggest taking it slow, maybe bringing the toy to her and letting her paw with it for a bit--then increasing it after a few days until she wants to follow it. You might want to try to find a toy that she REALLY likes as well. My kitty goes nuts over any feather toys, so you might want to give it a try!
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Yes, she needs time. But I have rarely met a cat who will not play with something feathery attached to a long 'fishing pole'. Hang it on a door or something first so she finds it at her own pace. Then you can gradually introduce yourself into the game. BUt it is early days yet - she still needs to adjust to her environment and that has to be her priority at the moment.
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I rescued two cats 3 1/2 weeks ago; both are about a year and half years old. Before I picked them up, I bought all these toys for them. After a week of not playing with any of them, I started talking to cat lovers and someone suggested the Cat Dancer. It worked like a charm!! They love this simple toy! They still only play with that! If you are not familiar with it, go to Good luck and congrats!
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Cat Dancers are great
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I have a cat who doesn't play much either, I've had her from the shelter for a bit over a month. She watches my other cat play, very intently. However, on a couple of occasions she has played some with the cat dancer, one time she really got into it. I think she just doesn't know how to play, and will learn over time - or not. They play together chasing and wrestling, so I know she's getting exercise.
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i'd suggest some toys which are irresistable to cats. the gocat da bird toy is one of the best. also a laser pointer is irresistable.
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At the beginning of December I got a cat from a shelter as well. She was about 1 1/2 years old. She seemed to be very happy with us, but only ate and slept for about 3 weeks. On Christmas Day, we found out that she actually did like to play, as she started playing with the furry mice we got for another cat. My theory is that she received all her shots right before coming to us (that part's a fact), and her immune system was busy for a couple of weeks (that part's the speculation.) She's quite normal now - I'd give your cat 3 weeks to a month or so. You're sweet to adopt her!
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Agreed, just give her time. Puppy is a super playful cat, but he didn't play at all for the first week. It's been two weeks now, and he plays like normal.
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just give your kitty time
i got an 8yr old kitty from the shelter on the 27th. she didnt play at all-if you threw a poofy or mousie to her, she didnt even bat an eyelash. a few days ago, i noticed her eyeballing chloe while she played with her cat track thing (the noisy circle with the ball)
on vday, she got braved and tried chloes cat track, empty box, and cat cube. she literally played for about 8 hrs (i think she was having a toy triathalon)
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She will relax in time. Then you will be wondering how to get her to calm down a little!
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She is beautiful! Moving to a new home is very stressful for a kitty. As everyone has said give her time and let her proceed at her own pace. She'll be more interested in her surroundsings when she feels comfortable in her new home.
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