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Hey there sunlion

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Saw you online and just wanted to wish you a better tomorrow! Hope you get some of those legal questions ironed out soon. Would it be worth it to just have dinner with your soon to be ex and explain to him that your daughter's welfare would be much improved if you could move out of the area to a place with better job opportunities?
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Texas is pretty lenient about going back and making changes over time. So if there turns out to be a major difficulty, we can renegotiate.

My fear is, he will say it's okay for me to go but fight for custody. That would kill me.

He says that even his new person is having a hard time finding work. Her company moved to Florida and she has this kind of agreement with her ex about their son, so she couldn't go. And she'd been with them 9 years. Not that I wanted to know that much, but at least I'm not being compared unfavorably.

And he says he'll pay extra while I'm looking for work if it takes longer than 6 months. Hopefully he'll love up to that, but even more I hope he doesn't need to.
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