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Suggestions, please!

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Has anyone had a kitten who is fascinated by adult cat food? Gizmo seems extremely fascinated by the Iams Ocean forumla dry food. So much, that he barely eats his own kitten food (Iams Kitten dry formula)!! He sits and whines at our bedroom door (that is where Cinammon & Fluffy's food is at--in our bathroom). I made the mistake of letting him have a few pieces of it. Gee, was I wrong to do that!! Do you have any suggestions on how to get him un-hooked?
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I have 6 cats that range from age 2yrs to 13 yrs old. I don't think any of them completely stuck to baby kitty food. If I tried to give the baby kitten food the older ones wanted what he had and vice versa. It shouldn't hurt him to eat theirs too. I try to make sure everything is low ash though since I have had problems with blockage in the last 5 years. Mix his food with the big Kittys food.

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Yeah, mixing the food would be okay for him. If you are worried about him getting enough for growth, you can always give him some Nutrical every day for a little x tra calories and vitamins.
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Dear Tigger,
Why aren't we born old and grow young? Even kittens seem to think this way? Just a thought...Anyway, it has been my experience that I've added extra supplements to their food since....for some reason, my kittens loved cat food. So....... I do believe that Sandie's right! I just make sure those extra vitamins are in there somewhere for those babes without getting them fat too!
God Bless You & Yours,
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Boy, oh boy did I have this problem! When Joey was a baby, he wanted no part of the kitten food, only Squirt's adult food. Naturally, Squirt prefered the kitten food! That was just as bad, because of all the calories in the kitten food, and Squirt was already big enough (the vet said he should not gain any more weight).

My solution was to just leave the dry adult food out, but I fed Joey a supplement of canned kitten food in the morning and evening. That seemed to help, or at least give me some piece of mind.

As for my supply of dry kitten food, I fed it to some of the ferals in the neighborhood. Figured they could use the extra nutrition.
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I had a problem with my cats when they were kittens. I tried to feed then Science Diet dry kitten food. They kept going for the older cats regular S.D. food, and the older ones were get plump on the kitten food (kitten food has alot of fat and protein in it). My oldest male ballooned up to 16 pounds. I finally said the hell with it and gave them all the regular science diet. All 8 of them are perfectly healthy, so I wouldn't worry about it. You'll make yourself crazy.

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I'm with Donna. Squirt ballooned up to 13 pounds treating himself to the kitten food before I wised up. I did the canned kitten food for Joey as a supplement because he only weighed 1.9 pounds. I was afraid that he wasn't getting enough calories.
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Try mixing some seafood flavored wet food with the kitten cereal for a few days, and when he's eating it again, remove the wet food.
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