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What are these bare spots on Mellie's ears?

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Tonight I noticed some small bare spots on Mellie’s ears, one on each ear, on the back side of the pinnae. I think I would have noticed them before if they’ve been there all along. Rocket doesn’t have them and I’m quite sure Tommy didn’t either. There’s one spot on each ear. They are roughly symmetrical in size, shape and location, although the right one is very slightly larger. Here’s a pic of the right ear:

And here’s a pic of the left ear:

(I guess the camera was focussing on the desk, but you can see that it’s much the same as the right ear.)

If I look VERY closely at the skin (under a magnifying glass), there MIGHT be just a little bit of redness. But otherwise the skin looks pretty normal.

Mellie isn’t showing any behaviors that these spots are bothering her in any way. Any guesses as to what they might be? Thanks….
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So she hasn't been scratching them???

the only thing that I can ever think of when it comes to patchy hair loss is demodex....but they are indoor cats so I dont think that likely......

I guess my suggestion would be watch it.....and try to get it checked out when you can
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I would also have your baby checked for ringworm
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Rather than guessing, I would take Millie to the vet.
Whatever it is, it looks like you caught it early.
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No, she's not scratching, and she's indoor only and hasn't been in any contact with any other cats besides her little pals here. Ringworm was the first to come to mind, although why on both ears? And why so symmetrical? Seems odd. Same for mange.
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Tim...watch the affected areas closely. If they do not clear up or become larger, a vet visit is a must.
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I'll call on Monday. Ugh....I hope it's not ringworm.

Anybody else have any ideas on anything else I should be researching over the weekend?
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epitigo??? dont know if cats get that... it looks just like something I researched but I cant remember for anything..
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Mellie went to see her vet this morning. The vet didn't know what the spots were. At least they weren't obviously ringworm. But the vet took a skin scraping for a ringworm culture. It could be up to three weeks until she knows for sure.
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How frustrating. Did your vet have any idea what the spots might be?
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Woops....this post is an error.
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