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Windows 2000 - Dial up

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If I am running Windows 2000 and my ISP changes the access phone number for my dial up, how do I go about changing it on my computer? I need some step-by-step directions here, as I forgot to check at work today, I have a Mac, I can't picture the process, and I have to walk somebody through it.
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I'm running 2000 at work, but it's soooooooooooooooo long since I've dealt with dialup (it would have been in the Windows 3.1 days) that I haven't a clue what the process/settings are. However, if there isn't an answer here before the end of the weekend, I will take a prowl around on Monday, and see what I can discover for you.
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Which ISP do you use? (Cause they all have to be different)
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Deb, this is probably too late, from what you said, and it is not as precise as I would like. But here goes anyway, just in case it's useful.

On the Start Menu, select Settings, then Control Panel. On the Control Panel, you should be able to go one of two ways: [1] Go to "Network and Dialup Connections" and let the Wizard walk you through "Make New Connection", or [2] Go to "Phone and Modem Options", find the current "location" and edit it.

The reason I can't be more precise is that I don't use a dialup, don't have a modem, so there are some parts of the setup I can't test, and can't get past, without giving information that (in my case) doesn't exist. Maybe this will be enough of a guide nonetheless. Good luck.
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I helped Deb take care of this last Friday. Done deal.
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