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Oppinion needed: Time to complain?

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My Cat Fancy magazine got here the other day, crumpled and with rips in it. Not huge, about an inch, but going through about 7 pages on the front. The other 5 rips weren't that big but there, besides the crumpling. Today my Night Sky magazine arrived...in exactly the same condition. Worse even. DH had already straightened it out some before I got home.

So my question is, do you think it's time I gave the post office a call? Or should I wait and see if it happens again? My mailbox is a good shape for magazines, no folding is required. I don't know what gives! But I keep my mags in good condition because I like to refer to them and re-read things.
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I'd say yes, but be nice about it. It may be that some machinery somewhere up the line is mangling your magazines, not your carrier.
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That's kinda what I figured it might be. It would at least be good to know.
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Yes report it ... but dont expect much done as it likely isnt your carrier but someone along the lines of transport..
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I work for the post office here in NZ and here, if the mail is damaged in any way, we MUST put it in a bag and put a sticker and explain what happened - its protocol here - I would expect the USPS to do the same. We even have to say that the machine damaged the mail if it did - its only fair.
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The past 4 or 5 months all my magazines have been arriving with rips and tears in them! Its usally the covers that are ripped. So it must happen some where along the line not at my local post office.
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I would call casually first and try and get an explanation.
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