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I am going to ring the vet about this on Mon, but just ondered if anyone had any similar experiences and/or things I should ask. Pebbles has had a scabby nose pretty much all the time I have had her, I think - just checked through the photos and they are on the ones when she first arrived. This one looks bigger and further up than the others though. when the vet noticed them, the first thing she asked as if she had been tested for FIV, which she had (at my vet's insistence) - I did ask if the vet thought she should be re-tested (this was when she had gone for a kidney function test and the vet insisted on a full blood test cos of ho she looked!!) and she said no, but didn't say anything else. I 'think' the vet said she had signs of the calici virus (at least she said it about one of them, and am fairly certain it was Pebbles)Although she has been up at least 4 times since then, it has been with the vet nurse, not the vet. Her next visit isn't until the end of March, so I am going to see if the vet thinks she should be seen, and if so, I'll pop her up this week. Here is a pic of her nose