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Water from the tub?

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Ok weird thing i just noticed. My big female Akasha, has decided that drinking from the tub is better than drinking from the water dishes. She gets fresh water every day and any other time the dishes are empty. I know she drinks alot (yes she's been to the vet for it, she's healthy), but outta the tub? The tub doesn't drain right and never has, and I'm concerned because today she had ever so sloghtly boody stool. I'm thinking it's because of the soap residue. (her appt for the vets office is next week.) But i was hoping I could get some input before hand?
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Well...I have seen Z drinking out of the toilet one of the times someone forgot to put the lid down.
But in relation to your bathtub story. Our tub drains right, but she sticks her head down in the drain and drinks the water out of it. This requires quite a bit of effort on her part. We started putting the stopper on the drain, but of course she can pick it up and move it, so we've had to get a new stopper.

I have heard, and don't know if this is right, that cats don't like to drink right by their food for some reason or another. You could try putting her water bowl away from her food, since it can't hurt to try I guess, as long as she knows where it is.

Hope kitty feels better!
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I hate to point out the obvious but why not get the drain fixed? Plumbers.

It will also keep your tub cleaner.
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Oliver is completely amazed by any water... he has an office water cooler water dish, checks out every drink i pour for myself (and always takes some if its water), loves to watch the potty flush (and occasionally samples from there after flushing), and when he started playin in the bathtub (when it's empty) I started putting another water bowl in there for him.... so maybe try sticking a water bowl at the opposite end of the tub for her... otherwise, I'd say fix the drain or keep the bathroom door shut until the tub is completely drained
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I have had plumbers in. the drain backs up within a week and my landlord is well....neglectful.
In any case, Akasha waits till the water is drained (she doesn't want to get her paws wet of course) then goes in and drinks off the bottom. I was just wondering if this was nomal...I have decided that the shower doors are to be kept closed.
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Harley does the same thing - when I'm done in the shower, he'll run in there and try and lick up any water thats in there - which is never cuz it all drains out, but he'll lick the tub cuz it'll be wet.

I've just learned to keep the shower on a few extra seconds after I get out so all the soap gets out before he decides its HIS turn to get in there, so he doesn't eat up any soap -icky!

I don't think its a problem tho - we leave the bathroom door open @ all times - sometimes I find him sleeping in the bathtub!
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