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Samuel is chewing everything.

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Samuel is 11 months old and has started chewing on the couch corner, chair rungs, and most anything made of fabric, vinyl, wood and metal.

Is this a behavior issue or could he be getting molars? I see him chewing way back in his mouth.
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hhhmmmmmmm . . . . . Was this not a good question?
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He could still be teething?!. Does he have plenty of toy's to bite on?.

Make sure you watch what he's putting in his mouth though
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My cat Willow was a terrible chewer for a good 3 years. She still chews but not nearly like she used to. Wish I knew about bitter apple. Willow has chewed more things in my house then when my dog Shalimar was a puppy. You name it Willow chewed it. Willow will be 5 this year and she has not chewed very much since about 3 yrs. Not sure why she chewed so much and she quit on her own.
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I'm sorry to take so long to respond. I haven't been able to get on this site. I don't know if my computer was not right or what happened.

Samuel does have things to chew on. He and the dog have a shared stash of toys they both play with. (He is bigger than the dog.) I don't give him cat chews that can be consumed because the dog would just take them. He, however, chews on her bully sticks.

He tries to chew with his back teeth. He likes cylindrical things, like the spindle on a chair rung and slides it back to the back of his mouth to chew. He has chewed my mom's oxygen line the same way and I have been on him about any electric cords, but he seems to be letting those alone right now. They were more of an issue when he was a baby.
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My kitty's been doing this, too. She's about 8 months old. I've been giving her straws cut in half to chew on and she's very content! She doesn't particularly care for the cloth kitty chew toys, but she goes wild for the straws!

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My Samuel (nice name choice!) looves to chew on plastic, which isn't too much of a problem, except when he gets at the window blind cords. It makes me nervous, and those little caps on the ends will break into small pieces, so I put a little bit of bitter apple on all the blind cords in the house. Since then, he's become a little more partial to his soft felt mice...but I let him play with the rings from milk cartons under my supervision.

I guess that wasn't too helpful. But I can relate to the chewing!
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The idea of using the rings from milk cartons and half of a straw sounds like good ideas! I have a ton of straws and I never gave that a thought.

Samuel will be getting a straw, today.
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Samuel is a beautiful cat and looks like he could have been a brother to my little abigail. in addition to the straws I would try heavy cotton cord from the drapery section of the fabric store. i cut small pieces, tie double knots and she can not only bat them around the floors but she can chew on them. Sometimes I freeze them and let her chew on them cold, that's very soothing.
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Both of my girls chew on cardboard boxes, paper bags, and the cardboard on the Cat Dancer. This activity actually wakes me up in the AM!
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Summer had an issue with chewing. My vet suggested putting some coins in an empty soda can and shaking it when I seen her chewing. They don't assiciate the noise with you (one that you make) and they totally hate the noise. This worked for Summer...her thing was plastic.

Try it sometime.
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I tried giving Samuel a straw, yesterday, and he absolutely loved it!!! He was so funny. He carried it around as prey all day long. He has now lost it. LOL I will give him another, today.

The idea of drapery cord with knots tied in each end sounds good! I am going to try that. I may have issues with the dog on that one. I don't want her to just chew it up. I actually think I have some of that cord in a drawer.
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