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Chronic diarrhea and food choice - please help!!

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This is yet another diarrhea question. My poor 6 month old kitten Guinness has had chronic diarrhea for most of his life. It got really bad recently because he was on antibiotics for an URI. He has been on Flagyl for a while and is continuing with that for 4 more days. The food the vet recommened is Purina Gastroenteric (EN) to help his digestive tract heal. He was having bloody diarrhea. This food has higher soluble fiber than other foods and is very digestible. I saw minor improvement in his stool this morning and he just started the new food yesterday. My question is: once he is done with the special food and his poo is formed again, what should I feed him? I was thinking of California Natural Chicken and Rice. There doesn't seem to be too much in there that he would be sensitive to and it has some soluble fiber. Is there something I could sprinkle on his food that has soluble fiber? Oh, and I think he is extra sensitive to corn.

Anyone who has a diarrhea prone cat, please give me some advice!!!!!!
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california natural is a great one.If I remeber right you were on evo??? why not go to all raw or at least all canned??.. fiber is not highly digestable it absorbs the water hence why it is used in loose stool situations..
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Spot gets flares ups of both diarrhea and constipation. I often add some fiber in the form of Benefiber or plain canned pumpkin (he prefers the Benefiber because it's tasteless). I feed my kitties Royal Canin Special 33, but it does have corn in it. I used to feed them Felidae (I only stopped because when Spot got sick he refused to eat it), and it doesn't have any corn in it.
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Thanks for the replies. My other cat (Nepheline) is eating EVO right now. They both really like EVO but I'm afraid that it will be too rich for Guinness right now. After the diarrhea clears up I want him to be on a bland diet for a while so that his gut can heal. After his diarrhea improves I will gradually introduce the California Natural. I just went and got some.
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Teddy had diarrhea for a while after his Flagyl treatment. He has bowel problems and often has softer than normal stool. For the bland diet - of course talk to your vet first - we feed IVD. It's the only food Teddy can eat (otherwise he throws up and has diarrhea every day!) and it has really cut down his flare ups.
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