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Flip Flop Quilt

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This is our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter at Christmas. In the bottom picture you can see the flip-flop-quilt that i made for her for Christmas. (Also the headboard and daisy pillow behild her to match)
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How talented are you!!!

Lovely picture of your family and grandaughrt as well
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Great picture of your family, Linda!

I love the flip flop quilt - that's really groovy!!
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My niece would go wild over that!!!!
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WOW! Thats amazing! I just got a sewing machine for Christmas - Im pretty sure Im only good and lop-sided pillow cases - Man, that is something to aspire to!

My sister, who LIVES in flip-flops (even in the winter) would go nuts for that!
You should make some to sell, you'd be rollin in it - unique quilts are always saught after!
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What a lovely family. The quilt is gorgeous. That must of took sometime to make!
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That is the coolest quilt I have ever seen, bar none.
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Actually, the quilt took some time...but was not hard to make.
I bought white quilted fabric and used pink bias tape to sew on to create the look of squares. Then i used a pair of my flip flops to draw around. I ironed on the stiffening stuff to my pieces of sole fabrics then cut the flip flops out, peeld off the backing paper and ironed the flip flops on in random patterns. I stitched the ribbon in between the toes first and then I did a tight zig zag all the way around each flip flop and inserted the ends of the ribbons under the sole as i went.
Then I added a border of pink checkered fabric to the outer edge (and for a backing.)
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Linda - that is really cool! Did you just think of it or is there a pattern out there I can find for my Mom to make me one?
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Originally Posted by captiva
Linda - that is really cool! Did you just think of it or is there a pattern out there I can find for my Mom to make me one?
There may be a pattern available, but I`m not sure where to tell you to look.
I saw a wall hanging (4 squares with tabs at the top to hang it from) in a display window) That was where I got the idea from. (Manda LOVES anything "flip-flop")
If you have a pair of flip flops and can draw around them you can make one!You would`nt need a pattern, truly. A pattern would probably be more of a pain than it would be worth. It really was that easy...the most time is all the turning on the sewing machine to get around each flip flop.
If you want to ask questions you can yahoo me and I`ll try to help....but if you can operate a sewing machine you can make this quilt Chris. (Much easier than teaching someone to use "photobucket"!!!!) he he he
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That's a very nice quilt. I have no sewing talent whatsoever.
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Wow! I love that, great job!

I want a Harley quilt
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....but if you can operate a sewing machine you can make this quilt Chris

I will have Mom take a look if you don't mind us stealing your idea! That is just adorable !
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No problem.....and it was`nt "MY IDEA" in the first I said before, I saw a wall hanging with 4 squares of flip flops in a my idea of a quilt hinged off of that!
The one in the window was actually 4 squares sewn together with strips of printed fabric around each a "real quilter" would do.....but i`m not patient enough to be one of I looked for a way to greatly simplify, so that`s why the bias tape is sewn onto a prequilted fabric make it looks like squares sewn together!
I want to see pics when you get yours done! :-)
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Just found this thread. That quilt is absolutely AWESOME! My hubby would love that quilt (he wore flip flops to the reception of our very formal wedding). If not an entire quilt, pillows would be a lot quicker.

May I ask where you found the prequilted backing fabric? I've not seen that at regular fabric stores by me. And how far did the ribbons stick out by each flip flop (worried that cats will play with them)?

Too cool!
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I bought white quilted fabric at walmarts for the flip-flop side and then used pink gingham chechered fabric for the border around the front outer edge and for the backing of the quilt.
Whatever size flip flop you use for a pattern, just measure the straps on them to know how much ribbon to get for each pair.
With the edge of the ribbon being tucked under each side of each flip flop, and sewn down with a tight zig zag (about like a buttonhole stitch) i don`t think you`d have to worry about the cats doing much damage even if they did play with it.
The first thing my granddaughter did was spread her quilt out on the floor and "try on" every pair of flip flops.
I`d love to see a pic of the one you make for your hubby! (I`m sure it won`t be pink like hers! he he he)
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That is just wonderful, Linda, and very creative! Especially to see something you know your beautiful granddaughter would love, then to figure out how to do it! I am very impressed!
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Great pics Linda! And that is an awesome quilt!!
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