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Has anyone ever been to this site? http://kittenwar.com/

I can't decide whether it is funny or mean. My husband wants me to put our two up there but I don't think I could stand it if they ever lost!
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I have seen that site before - I usually vote for the one that I guess people won't choose!

That is wonderful news about your little shy kitty! Doesn't it make your heart melt when they show you that they love and accept you!

Before you know it, she'll be demanding strokes all over your home!

Edit: Okay, my reply looks funny now! Where did the other bit go?!!
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Sorry, I was having a blond moment and accidentally attached the news about Cinders to this thread!

I'm such a
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No worries, I know the feeling!! It didn't help that you had a blonde replying to the thread!!

Two blondes certainly don't make a right!
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I've posted ours there. It doesn't matter if they win or lose - it's just like your kids - in your eyes they are perfect and that's all that matters right?
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Dang, how many pics are there?
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I posted a picture of Chay on there! I think Ryan should post a picture of Chasey - she'd win hands down!
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