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I've never posted here before, but I was just posting a pic of Sneaker at Fur Pics and it made me think a lot about her, so I thought I would share here.

The summer before last we (unknown to us) had a feral cat with a litter of kittens under our house. She died and we found the litter of 6 kittens two days later. We estimated that they were less than 2 weeks old. It was early June and the nights had been very cold. When I found them, they were wet, muddy, freezing (as if they had just come out of the fridge) - two were lifeless. I managed to get them all going (I REALLY wish I would have known about this site then!!) and healthy. Then at about 3 weeks later, after I had them pretty much weaned, one of them (Sneaker) took a turn for the worse. Long story short, we finally decided to stop her suffering and have her put to sleep.

I have had many pets that I have been very close to, and had a hard time dealing with their passing, but I had never felt anything close to what I felt with Sneaker. The bond I had with that little kitten (and the others) was so incredibly strong. She had such a cute little personality - she was the first of the litter to do everything... walk, run, eat, use the litter box etc. - I would have really liked to know what she would have been like now.

Thanks for listening. RIP little Sneaker

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What a sweet kitty. Your story makes me think of the Kenny Chesney song "What You'd Be Today." We do know she's at the bridge, though.

Do you, or friends, still have any of the others in the litter?

RIP Sneaker.
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Bless her little heart, what a little sweetheart she is

RIP Baby Sneaker, and have fun playing with all the other kittens over the bridge
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RIP Sneaker, she's forever young at the bridge.
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Originally Posted by ginnyp
Do you, or friends, still have any of the others in the litter?
Yes, one of my mother-in-laws friend took two of the kittens and they are thriving! They are HUGE (not fat, just big) cats. She takes really good care of them. Those are the only two that I am able to keep in touch with.
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That's nice you can keep in touch with a couple of the kittens. Boogs and Gracie looked like they could have been related to Sneaker. I've had a couple of tuxedo cats over the years - always cute.

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Sneaker looks like a sweet little cat. I am sorry you couldn't save her. I am very partial to tuxedo kitties. I lost mine of 12 years to kidney failure in July last year. He was my soulmate cat and I miss him terribly. Rest in peace little Sneaker. You are still loved and missed.
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Sneaker was a real beauty. Rest in peace precious Sneaker.
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Sneaker was such a pretty little cat. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Oh, what an adorable kitten! My current foster kitten Midnight was not gaining weight like his siblings, so although he has a Momma, I bottle fed him for several weeks. The feelings evoked were similar to when I nursed my babies. I could not believe the way it felt to bottle feed this precious baby! I understand a little of what you felt. Somehow, by nursing them back to life, it is almost as if you gave them birth!

I am so sorry that Sneakers didn't make it. Condolences on the loss!
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I once lost three bottle fed kittens out of four and the grief I felt was tremendous. I ended up sending a counselor for it. I'm sure little Sneaker is still in touch with you from where ever she has gone.
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RIP little Sneaker.
What a sweetie pie.
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what a gorgeous little girl

Its never easy to loose a loved one, young or old... one day you both will meet again and you will see what kind of girl she is now

until you meet again
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