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Idiopathic Vestibular Disease??

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Has anyone had a cat with this?
My newborn kitten fell when she was being delivered and I believe damaged something in her inner ear or head... (long story), anyhow the rest of the littermates are completely normal. This one kitten though tilts her head always to the left and rolls over and over.
She's about a week old now and is still displaying symptoms. Im hoping that it will clear up on it's own. She's still nursing just fine.
I'd like to hear about similar experiances and hopefully they end happily.
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Damage from a hit on the head is not Idiopathic Vestibular Disease.
"Idiopathic" literally means "we don't know what caused it".

I do believe I would see a veterinarian about this. Sooner rather than later.
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Please read this article (see link)

and yes your kitten needs to be seen by a vet ASAP
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yes people, I know that a vet needs to see her and im not asking weather or not I should take her to the vet. Please don't read into the post what I didn't post.
She's supposed to see a cat specialist and yes she does fit all the symptoms of vestibular disease, even if it's not idiopathic (because it was caused by her falling on her head during delivery).
Im merely asking if anyone else on this board has any experiance with this disease. Im really asking for support through this. I thought that if others have faced this and thier cats made it through then I would feel better.
I know I might have to euthanize her. I felt that maybe I could get some first hand insight on this disorder from other pet owners.
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Im trying not to be untactful about this but if you haven't experianced this first hand or want to lend support, please don't respond to the post. Im terribly distraught about the thought of possibly having to euthanize this kitten and I don't need advice about taking her to the vet (something that I already know and have in the works). What I do need is a little bit of support. I believe that's what this board is for.
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I believe what most of us are saying is that any number of things could have been damaged in a fall as you have described. Could be swelling within the brain, could be a fractured skull, could be nerve damage, could be that the kitten had a congenital problem even before the fall. There are countless neurological problems that can cause what you are describing.

All the speculation in the world is no help at all until a diagnosis has been reached by a veterinarian.

The cases of idiopathic vestibular disease I have seen were treated with steroids, and the animals had residual head tilt- some severe, some barely noticeable.

I do believe (and I mean this in the nicest possible way) that I would step up any vet visits you have in the works. The condition has been present for one week- in most of these cases early diagnosis is key to how successful treatment is.
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I don't think you understand what im saying. Im not asking for speculation or a diagnosis.
I was asking for personal experiances on PVD/CVD.
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We do understand you are upset however I respectfully must disagree. Until there a diagnosis of Vestibular Disease via a Vet (which you have not confirmed) you are speculating.
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Originally Posted by Hell603
We do understand you are upset however I respectfully must disagree. Until there a diagnosis of Vestibular Disease via a Vet (which you have not confirmed) you are speculating.
ah....yeah I think I have the right to speculate about my own cat...we all do that when anything goes wrong with us or our animals.
What im NOT asking for is your speculation.
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My MIL took in two kittens (bottle babies) with vestibular disease, the female (with other issues as well) did not make it.
The male however, is about to celebrate his second birthday.
If he tries to do anything too fast, he does still roll, as far as he's concerned though, he's a normal cat.
Does everything any other cat does, just looks slightly unstable (it's more painful for us watching).

His success did take a lot of work on her part, a lot of physical therapy and a lot of him simply learning his own limits.
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Your vet should be consulted, there should be a full workup and evaluation on this kitten. He is the one who can see this kitten, whereas we cannot.

I have worked with a few rescued kittens with this disease.

One kitten, who I was told "the family dog" had stepped on, did not survive. The other kitten was put to sleep because of this and other issues at the time. I do know that it takes a lot of committment, time and patience to work with this. Cats are by nature, graceful and agile. With this disease they cannot jump without falling, they can't gauge distances walk straight, have problems holding their head still, among other things.
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I nearly adopted a lovely boy with the disease ... He was just a bit slow when compared to the other cats... I pray she makes it but she needs a calm home, that is why I didnt get that lovely boy..
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I don't have any experience in this, but just anted to say I have everything crossed that it is something that either goes aay/can be treated/can be managed. Please keep us posted.
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Just wondering how your baby is doing?

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