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I do not have any access to any chocolate right now!! None in my house, and I'm having too much fun on TCS and watching the Puppy Bowl to get off my lazy bum here I'm too comfy
But I am sooooooo craving CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!
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I just bought some mini Snickers the other day @ Shopko - Even just having one - they are the perfect size to cure my chocolate cravings!

That way I don't feel guilty about eating it cuz they are so tiny!
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I'm not craving chocolate yet; I'm still a bit sick. Although it doesnt really matter, José is waiting for me to tell him when I want peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

And I also have a 1 and half pound bar of my favourite chocolate, Cote d' Or waiting for me, too.

I'm spoilt when it comes to chocolate thanks to José.
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I could go for a brownie right now. There used to be a bakery on the first floor of the building where I work, but it closed a few months ago!
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It's that "special time", so chocolate and I are very good friends right now. I had a very light shrimp and veggie stir fry, no rice, for dinner...so that I could have a piece of chocolate cake for dessert!!!
My grocery store has really good cake, and you can buy it by the piece for 1.99. I told myself I was going to try to make the 1 piece of cake last two days...but...uh..all that's left is the empty container!!!
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i dont feel like you can be held responsible for eating the whole piece.. a higher power made that chocolate irresistable!
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Originally Posted by OllyExtra05
It's that "special time", so chocolate and I are very good friends right now
Yup, I agree with you there I've been craving chocolate all day - thank goodness for those little mini snickers....that are almost gone now
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