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post spay litter

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abi was spayed tuesday and is doing realy well. the vet gave me shredded paper to use as litter to avoid having regular litter get near her incision area. she's been using it and i have made some more shreds for her today. Also bought a small package of Yesterdays News paper pellet litter. That stuff though is not as comfortable to her feet as the paper or her regular stuff --- WBCL.

When do you think she can go back to the normal litter? the incision area is dry and looks good and she is acting like nothing has been done to her at all.
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I was told with my cats atleast 10 days but i waited 2 weeks because the stitches were out of her and she was all healed
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I was never told to change litter after my kitties spay. Suzie was kept overnight after surgery though.
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We never changed litter either and we had no problem.
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We've never told people to change litter for a spay.
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I haven't heard of needing to change litter after a spay either!! Molly just used her regular stuff!
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We've spayed/neutered many cats and never changed the litter. The only time I've heard of changing litter is when a cat is declawed. If you just check the stitches and area once/twice a day and make sure it looks clean and not irritated or swollen, your kitty will be fine.
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