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How to disinfect furniture ?

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Hi all!

Here's my dilema... I am currently fostering 3 kittens who all had a URI around Christmas and one is still sneezing all over the place. Once the kitties are better, they go back to the shelter for adoption and I will likely get a pregnant momma cat. I know I will have to disinfect everything, litter boxes, food bowls, etc with a dilute bleach solution but how does one disinfect furniture ? Grishka is still sneezing all over the place so the virus must be on the sofa, upholstered chairs, etc - how do I ensure they are virus-free ?

Thanks for your suggestions !
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Lysol spray might work.Thats supposed to kill bacteria and virus's. I would think it would be ok for furniture. Just do it a few days before you bring any new cats into your house.
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don't hold me to this but i believe that there is a febreeze spray that's supposed to kill bacteria... and gardenandcats suggested lysol... that i KNOW is for disinfecting surfaces... i'm just not sure if that would be harsh to a kitty. i would try and see what some other people say and if nobody knows for sure, then definetly call your vet and just ask what you can use for a safe disinfectant. i'm sure they'll let you know... and that youre not the only person who's had this question before.
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dr fosters catelog has many disfecting agents that are pet safe... ly sol is not
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I wasn't sure about lysol after I posted I thought uh oh ! it might not be good for cats.

I did a search and found many articles stating that Lysol is toxic to cats..
Disinfectants containing phenols (Lysol does contain phenol )– those that turn cloudy when mixed with water - are of particular concern because cats are unable to eliminate the toxins following ingestion. A cat may swallow the product by licking his paws after they have come into contact with it.
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1/2 cup borax to 1 gal warm water will disinfect, and is safe to use.
Regular Isopropyl alcohol is also effective, and safe once dry.

Be sure to test the upholstery fabric before you use anything on it though.
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