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SAR dogs

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I know this is a cat board and all but I just wanted to write about this article I just read that touched me,about a search and rescue dog that was at the world trade center searching for survivers. Servus, a Belgian Malinois was the dog and his trainer and owner were there searching. While crawling along a ledge Servus lost his footing and fell 15 feet. His trainer jumped down after him and pulled his dog out, who was suffocating from ash that was lodged in his throat and nose.

He reached into Servus' mouth and pulled out a handful of plaster like material. He rushed Servus to one of the stations set up for veterinary care for the SAR dogs and they immediately put him on oxygen. Several hours later when the trainer went back to the scene to continue searching Servus was right back on his feet, ready to go and would not listen to his trainer telling him to go back to the car.

A week later after the trainer and Servus returned home, the dog was still having problems breathing and had to be put on oxygen for a few days because he was still coughing up considerable sized masses of dust. He took Servus to the vet and had x-rays taken of his lungs. It showed that he had thousands of little pin holes in his lungs which were debris still caught in his lungs. After his fall, he suffered from damage to his spine and now has arthritis.

He now cannot do demonstrations anymore for crowds as it stressed him out and he begins to shake. His trainer thinks it's post tramatic stress from the crowds at the site.

Servus is now retired.

I think it's amazing the role animals play in our eveyday lives. I believe all animals make a difference in our lives every day and they ask nothing in return but our love. Whether you own a cat, dog, mouse, snake, horse or any other creature you should take the time to reflect on how they have improved your life. Even if it isn't as big as what Servus did, it can be as simple as you waking up every morning with a smile because the first thing you see is your kitty laying on your pillow.
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I was reading that article the other day. It touched me so much I bookmarked it. Here is the link........for those interested..

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What an amazing dog! I never would have thought that dogs could get PTSD. Just goes to show that our companions are closer to us than we think.

And some people still say that animals just go on instinct and don't have feelings or personalities. HA!
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What a heroic animal!

I hope he is reitred well, maybe home with his trainer but at least some place where he is loved and respected.
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