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Does anyone else's cat sleep like this?

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Nope - Harley doesn't - but that doesn't look too comfy!
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awwwww ....poor baby looks like a trussed little turkey my cats have never done that though
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Maybe, when they're trying to nap in a small space, but it is a very short nap.
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mine don't.... but OUCH! Looks as if he would have some sore muscles when he wakes up.
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Originally Posted by Anakat
Is that your baby's paw I see underneath?? Ouch is right! Doesn't look comfortable to me at all.
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Awwwwww never with their paws legs like that
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Sometimes she sleeps with both front paws back like that!
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When i was a little girl they said I slept with my arms and hands underneathe me...but i`ve never seen a cat do that before.....but it must be comfy to her or she would`nt do it!
such a sweet pic!
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