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Can cats learn to ...

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Thread Starter laundry?
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If you can train your boys to do laundry - please tell me how you did it - I'd love to have Harley do mine!
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Mine say they are ornamental, not useful

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I love how they swapped spots for the second picture! Guess they each wanted a chance to be in the top spot...
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from your pictures, it seems that cats can learn how to BE laundry great cute pics
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Cute pictures. I wish mine would learn how to do windows..
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Cute pictures! You would think that they could do laundry, they are always so fascinated by it..
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Cute pictures!

Great little helpers you have, huh? They're pros at getting fur in the dryer so that it will go on all the clothes!!
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The orange one in the second photo looks like he is trying to tell you that you forgot to open THAT lid so he can investigate in there! LOL!
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Originally Posted by stampit3d laundry?
If you can teach yours how to do laundry, I've got a little brown tabby that will deliver it for you! She brings our laundry up from the cellar for us and delivers it to our doors. (I'm afraid though that you might not get the right clothes, they might be a little dirty from dragging, and they definitely won't be folded)
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Oh I wish!!!
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Very cute.

For some reason recently, Gracie has been facinated with the washing machine, but I can't ever get there with my camera in time.
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Everytime I do laundry, I have two inspectors that make sure I complete the task properly. Who knew that cat hair MUST be visible on clothing after it's come out of the dryer?!?!?
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LMAO thats cute!

Buddy has a sock fetish, he'll open up our sock drawer and unfold our socks and place them strategicly in our bed while we sleep, then when he runs out, he gets them from the dirty laundry and lays them in lines across the house, i'll have to get pics
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That's a snazzy new cat condo you have there!
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Zoey helps with laundry..
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Molly and Megan are both quite good at "pressing" the laundry by laying on it after it is folded. Sometimes they don't wait til it's folded though.
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