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I went to the vets today to get chester his shots. He's only a year old. the vet says he has a level 3 or 4 heart murmer and could die within a year. It hurts so bad! I can barely breath.
please help. No one is home, I need hugs
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First of all calm down. Chester needs you to be calm. If you get all upset than so will he. He needs you right now to think clearly and not get him stressed.

Cats have a way of proving vets wrong sometimes. There are things you can do for Chester to reduce stress and just allow him to be with you. Try not and change his routine, look into various diets (holistic measures) that can help him. Don't bring any more animals home, love him up and enjoy him everyday. I have one cat here that a vet made dire predictions about if I couldn't get him captured to be seen. I couldn't catch him, so I let him be. That was 6 months ago and he is fine today.
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Lots of hugs and good vibes coming your way! I've seen lots of instances where love overcomes serious health problems. I can tell you really love Chester and that will help him a lot.
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My heart goes out to you. Maybe you need to take Chester to a specialist for a second opinion. That's what I would do.
Whatever you decide, listen to what MA (hissy) said....stay calm.
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i sugest if it is his last year make it his best
lots of hugs for both you and Chester
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Yes I would be upset but definitely get a second opinion. My co-worker thought her kitty had a heart murmor for a long time. Last time the kitty was examined the vet couldn't hear it. So keep kitties stress down, and love her everyday. Sending good vibes for your baby.
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I second the second opinion...never let a diagnosis like that be the only one you get. I hope you come back with some better news!!
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and recommend a second opinion... a kitty specialist if one is available to you
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*hugs* i just saw this now!
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Often things are not as bad as they seem. Two of my cats, Dushka and Persil, were given up as hopeless by vets when they were kittens. And now they both have normal lives and potential life spans. So do what you think is right, stay focussed and calm, and like people said, seek a second opinion as soon as you can. It is a terrible shock to hear something like that, I know, and I do hope that things work out for Chester.
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My cat Simba has had a heart murmur is whole life and he is 9years old now. He does have heart failure now so probably wont be with us much longer but I am very happy he had 9 hopefully 10 good years with us.
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Hugs to you. I hope you find out this vet is "all wet" and things aren't what they now seem.
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Thank you all for your encouraging words. I did get a second opinion, right away (another vet in the office) and then we got a third from a different vets office altogether. He has a heart murmour of 3 or 4 out of 6 and it's developed in the last 8 months or so. The next step is to have a travelling specialist come and give him an ultrasound. My parents are going to help me find the money for his fees (over $1000). After that, the'll know what kind of meds he should be on and have a better estimate as to how long he'll live.
To compound things, he's having a small reaction to the rabies vaccine from yesterday and appears achy, lethargic and has a lowered appitite. I'm sure my walking around upset doesn't help much too. He's slowly starting to feel better though, his eyes look better this morning than they did last night.
All of this is such a shock! He has shown NO signs of any problems what so ever. I thought he'd be around for a long time. I'm just greatful that I truly have treasured every day we've had, and I've spoiled him rotten.
One day at a time. First shot recovery, then ultrasound then we'll see. I'll leave updates in the health forum from now on.
Thank you again.
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Jess....It sounds like you are doing everything you can for Chester's care.
I will keep your sweet boy in my prayers.
Thank you for keeping us updated.
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Jess, I'll keep Chester in my thoughts, and watch for your updates. Enjoy every minute you have with him, and hope for the best.
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I know it's a small step, but it's made me feel a bit better. He's finally recovered from his shots. If I have a choice, he's not getting them ever again...and being indoors (with no rabies laws) I can do so.
Now that's he's eating and running around again, I'm feeling much more in control. We're still waiting on a final estimate from the vet from our 3rd source for the ultrasound. The appointment will be made and will happen next week, we're just trying to find the least expensive option.
I'll let you know when I know more. Thanks for the support guys, I really need it.
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