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Kitty still not eating right

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Hi all. My kitty has not eaten normally since 4-10. Hes been vomiting everything he eats. Then eventually he stopped eating since 4-13. I've forced fed him and he threw it up. I havent fed him since 4-14 hes eaten about 5-8 niblets of dry food on his own which he threw up also. I noticed that he when he's about to throw up he gags and then goes. Well my question is he hasn't thrown up of course because he has not ate anything, but he still gags and what comes out is pretty much saliva or saliva, but in some sort of foam. Does anyone know what that is.
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I don't know what it is, but it sounds like kitty is very sick. A trip to the vet is the best advice I can give you - before it gets any worse!
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Yeah he looks very sick and I've been there. He was given a shot of fluids for his dehydration and a shot of amoxicillin. Also some pepcid ac for the tummy. I was told yesterday that he would improve today, but no eating and still gaging. (my poor baby hasn't eaten anything in about a week ) Thanks sweetie.
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ditto! He might have a huge hair ball, or swallowed something that's obstructing his stomach. Whatever it is, I'd run, not walk, to the nearest vet.
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Does anyone know of anything that would flush out his system (stomach)like some sort of laxative. Maybe if I make him go he'll realize its empty in there and want to eat.I did give him a dewormer.
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what have you tried to give him? If he were mine, I would be giving him very small amounts of really bland food, boiled chicken smashed up into small bits with just a little bit of the juice added to make it appealing. You can also try baby food, turkey, chicken and even green beans work best. I am sure the vet peered down his throat didn't he and not found an obstruction? Did they try and take a stool sample from him while he was there? If kitty got anything like a small bone or something this could cause some problems. I wouldn't give him a whole lot of anything, you could even try the kitty glop recipe and see if that works. But you need to call the vet and let them know you're concerned that kitty has not eaten. I would try giving him only a teaspoon serving at a time to see if he tolerates it. Good luck!
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Thank you so much. Yes I've tried the baby food. Chicken, Turkey, Veggies. Just no interest. Basically I smeared it on his nose so he would eventually lick it up. You better believe he threw up. No stool sample wasnt taken because he doesnt have anything in him.
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It sounds like you need to contact the vet again...especially since you were told that kitty should be improving by today.

Is the cat getting any fluids? If not, this sounds extrememly dangerous to me (but I'm not a vet, just a person who has had some cats in her life).

Maybe the cat needs to be hospitalized. One of my dogs had to be in the hospital, hooked up to an IV to get nourishment, because he wasn't eating. He had gotten a nasty virus hat would have killed him without getting proper medical attention.

I hope that your cat gets the care that he needs .
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Try smearing it on his whiskers and a little on his front paw. Good luck
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I would be contacting the vet. When I my kitties had been sick and I did not feel they were getting enough fluid, I took a syringe and gave them pedilite (unflavored). But, please call the vet.
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Your Kitty sounds like it is having the same problems as mine! Poppy hasn't eaten since 4-13 (pm) and is going for an x-ray to see if she has any obstruction. I'm so worried-- I couldn't sleep and found this site. It helped keep my mind occupied since I couldn't sleep at all last night. Good luck to you, and your kitty.
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To both of you, a bit of hope. I have seen vets do amazing things. We get upset with them at times, but my animals have been saved from certain death, including cancer in a fifteen year old collie, by a skilled veterinarian. My prayers for your little creatures of God. He created them, and He knows every sparrow that falls.
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Thank you all sooo much. Yesterday I force fed him again and he didn't throw up. I took advantage and forced him to eat about 4 times.I thought it was great no vomit. I gave him his medication amoxi) and went to bed. This morning(6am)Back to normal he was biting me to get up and feed him. So gladly I did. He ate and went number two around 8am. I'm sooo happy. Fetchin what can I say I guess it just takes them a couple of days to recooperate. Scary though. I took mine to the vet on sunday and I guess it took two days for him to get better. FYI he was given a shot of fluids for his dehydration and a shot of amoxi as well as some pepcid ac.Along with some force feeding made it all better.
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I'm so happy that kitty is doing better!!!

Give him lots of extra snuggles from us!
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