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Ever wondered???

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Just a thought... I adopted my baby about 6 months ago, and they said she was about a year or a year and a half... for the people that adopted adult cats, have you ever wondered what they looked like as kittens?? I can just imagine Shiraz, I probably would have kissed her to death, don't know if I could kiss her more than I do now though

Just a random thought...
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When I got Zakk at 6 months, he was still kittenish, but his face didn't really change over time. The only reason we knew he was a kitten was from his size! Sometimes when he is sleeping and purry I try to picture him as a wee one!
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I adopted Joshua at 1 and a half year old and Kinah at 6 months old.

I know what they would have looked like as kittens... like little monsters! They've been so much trouble earlier on (still now... but not as bad) that they must have been unbearable as kittens!

Ok, I'm sure they were the cuttest little things too, and still sweet... but I know now that I really prefer adult cats to kittens.
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I've never known any of my cats as kittens. The closest is Abby who was around 8 months when we adopetd her. Molly was around 3 years. I would have LOVED to known either of them as tiny kittens.
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I adopted Devin at 6 months and he still had a kitten face; I imgine when he was younger his face would be even more narrower and with bigger ears. He had really big ears earlier but his kitten face has since gone and his ears are now proprotional (although a little bigger than my sister's cats). My sister likes to point out the simliarties between Devin & Simone so I guess he would have looked a little like Simone when she was smaller; narrow face & big ears hehe.
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I'm not a big kitten person by way of actions but I do think they're cute. My cat was probably 6mths or so when he came to my house (he was a stray/feral cat.. well his mom was a stray but he was born in the wild, or so the story goes).. I would give anything to see him as a kitten and play with him a few times... but in general I don't like kittens at all. They are crazy and too much to deal with. I'll probably always want adult cats.
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The youngest I've seen mine at was 5 weeks old --- Zorro. He was so tiny, sweet!!! When he came to live with me at 4 months, he was huge. Now, he's 19 pounds!!!

Snickers was around 6 months old, I'd give anything to have seen him as a lil kit, his colors were so beautiful at 6 months, I bet as a newborn it was really interesting.

Jess & Hammie were both 12 weeks old, still kittens, but not itty bitty.

KC was an adult when she found me, and Dusty was dumped at the pound so she was adult, too.

Just happy they all found me at the stage in their lives when they did!
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