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Beginning Yoga?

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So, I've been thinking about trying Yoga; however, I don't want to join a gym & all the classes I saw were no where near where I live, work or go to school. Time is very limited so I was thinking maybe I should get a Yoga tape, but with so many out there I was wondering if anyone here knew of a good Begining tape. I'm out of shape (well actually I'm A shape, just round) so I need something that is going to be easy for me to do & if I like it I can always upgrade later.
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I don't actually have a DVD to recommend, but I just wanted to say go for it! I really enjoyed yoga and got a lot out of it. Unfortunately, I'm only motivated when I have to leave the house and go somewhere to do it, so I never got into a practice at home. One of these days I'll stop being a lazy bum and do some more.
I also did a Tai Chi class once, and really enjoyed that too. What do you think of Tai chi?
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I don't know. I've heard of it, but have no idea what it's like.
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Hey, Tai Chi is really cool!
I started doing it two weeks ago and even though I'm a totally unflexible, non-sporty kind of person who has zero endurance...the teacher thought I was a natural! So I think it would be interesting for you, too!
It's just slow, flowing movements, a little warming up and stretching in the beginning and you learn a sequence of movements...I find it absolutely fascinating! Plus teachers aren't usually the super fit barbie doll kind of instructor you often find in gyms...you just advance at your own pace...have a try!
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I have a DVD by GAIAM called Yoga Journal's YOGA for Beginners. It has a step by step section where you can personally go from one position to the next without trying to keep up. Or it has all the same positions in a routine with the instructor. It also has a bonus 85 minute flexibility routine I haven't worked my way up to yet. The coolest part is inside the DVD case it came with a booklet that has pictures and explanations of every pose included on the DVD! I really love it. I use this tape and a Windsor Pilates DVD to work out at my home, b/c I'm not a huge fan of gyms (i get too self conscious!). Plus since I'm in nursing school, its much easier to take a break and do it at home then having to drive somewhere else! By the way, I got it at Target, but other places may carry it as well. Good luck and feel free to PM me if ya want!
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