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ER Vet maranthon

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On Animal Planet they are running the most uplifting stories from ER Vet. One just touched my heart and gave me hope. This man found this scruffy old cat who was severly injured. Jaw had been broke they estimated about 2 months and had seized shut just not all the way. He rushes kitty to Alameda East and the vets who examine her just fall in love with her. Her tongue hangs halfway out of her mouth. The man who rescued her goes on a private fundraiser and goes in to talk to his bank about a loan to help her get the surgery she needs. (They want to re-break her jaw and set it) One teller overhears the story and donates the contents of the banks swear and bad attitude jar. (Everytime one of them swears of portrays bad attitudes, they put a quarter in the jar) The jar has enough in it to do a radiograph of kitty.

The guy keeps talking to people, and enough money is raised to do the surgery and the aftercare. She comes through surgery with flying colors and the man who finds her ends up adopting her. Her name? Faith! It was a wonderful story!
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What a sweet story!

This isn't from Emergency Vets, but it is one of those happy/sad stories that was just on our news. Some people rescued a cat who had been thrown out of a truck on the interstate (75 mph! They did get the guy's license plate and a description of the truck, so I'm sure they will get him!). They took her straight to the vet's and kitty only had a few scrapes on her legs and a chipped tooth.

She was such a sweet little thing - they couldn't keep her away from the camera lens. She just had to check that thing out and she was just meowing the whole time she was on camera.
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They just showed one on the show that boiled my blood. Someone broke into one of the Alameda's vet tech's home and tortured her tuxedo cat! The good news is the cat is okay after months of just a lot of TLC- the trust issue was gone. The bad news is they never found out who did this horrific thing or why????
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That's horrible! Can you imagine what you'd feel like to discover that someone had taken joy in making your pet suffer?
I saw that episode about the cat with its tongue hanging out. They made it easier for him to eat, but his tongue stuck out just a bit, even after the surgery, and it made him look all the more appealing!
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I love that show!! The vets and staff seem so caring and compassionate. I wish the clinic I work at was....
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Those of you who live in Denver, have you ever gone to this hospital? I would personally like to meet Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald and Dr. Taylor and Holly Knorr. They really seem to care for the animals. And the owners really care about their pets.

Hissy, I watched those episodes and it really made me happy when the man helped this cat out. I really get into the show when they do the surgeries. They don't gross me out. I love this show!
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I've never even watched the show to be honest. I probably should since I live here. Maybe I could change vets! Well, at least I would know where to take my babies if anything horrible ever happened.

I just know that I would end up crying through the whole episode, especially if they lose a patient. I cry when I read the Crossing the Bridge forum here! I just can't stand to see animals in pain.
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Me too. Bad Habit, how often do you have a patient die and are you allowed to die. If I were a vet, I'd be crying along with the owner!
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