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I don't have a thermometer (rectum or oral), so i was just wondering if feeling a cats ears are equivilent to feeling a human's forehead for a fever? My kittens ears are often very warm, she's gotten all her vaccines, she's not spayed (she goes feb 6th). So do warm/hot ears=fever? What about cold ears? My older cat sometimes has cold ears, sometimes one warm, one cold. Eh. Just curious.
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The only way to tell is to take the temp. Either rectally and now they have those cool ear thermometers for pets. I just bought one the other day, it was on sale at WalMart!

I forgot, if the third eyelid is pronounced, that generally means your cat has a fever, or is ill. Also if you pinch the skin and it stays tented up, the cat is dehydrated. Dehydrated cats are often feverish.
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