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Poor Pearl

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We had to kick her out of her closet that she hides in. She took up with s/o's guitars when we moved into this place, and has spent most of her time there. She has a nervous stomach, and occasionally will throw up if she eats too fast, and he discovered she had thrown up on a vintage gutiar in the closet, and neither of us had discovered it until it dried on the finish. Thankfully it did no damage, but now Pearl is without her hiding place. She is standing at the door, trying to get in, meowing sooooo pitifully. I have really wanted to not let her hide all the time. She will come and socialize now, and I don't want her reverting to hiding all the time. I have to get her pillow out of there and put it where she decides will be her new sleeping spot. I just feel so bad for her right now.
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Poor baby, I hope she finds a new hiding place she likes.
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Awwww Poor Pearl!

Don't I know the feeling of finding dry sick where it's not supposed to be!! (down the back of my flatmates hard drive in the vents)

I hope she finds a new safe place soon and doesn't hide so much!
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