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Home made toys

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tell us about your cats favorite homemade or found toy:

my latest is a small mink pillbox hat from ebay ($2) that i have cut up and resewn into little mice, they are small enough not to intimidate her and rodent enough to really make her go nuts.
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An old sock, stuffed with a styrofoam ball. It is light and they love to swat at it.
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i take an old sock (but i've been known to take scraps of fabric and sew a pillow in any shape) and stuff it with fresh catnip... and then a little batting or cotton and sew it up! my cats love them :-) i did just recently make a really long skinny shaped pillow and stuffed it with cotton and catnip... it's like a long catnip snake. they have a lot of fun with that one!
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My cats favorite toy is a box that I've cut up. They go nuts, it's the funniest thing! One cat will chase and the other will dive into a hole that's cut into the box. I also throw walnuts into the box and Baby Girl goes from one hole to the other batting it around. Here's some pictures

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Toilet paper tubes are the best for those that love to bunny kick!
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The ring under the lid of milk jar :-)
Plastic spoons...
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Yvonne has alot of yarn here from different projects, I take some of it and wind it up in a ball and tie it off so it stays in a ball. Tuffy really loves to bat them around. The bright yellow one is his favorite.

Rusty loves the plastic bottle caps from soda bottles. He hides them in shoes so some times when I put my shoes on there is a bottle cap in them.
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Mikey 1 and Sweetie 3 favorite toy is toilet paper. When we have friends over we have to tell them the TP is under the sink. I have one friend that always puts it back on the wall. Then the kitties have fun
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Yes! Otis loves that ring under the milk bottle! He was playing with it for quite a long time. I also found that ping pong balls work pretty well as well. They are cheap and he chases it around for hours until he loses it and meows at me to find it.
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Kitchen rolls - whole..

Tommy loves to hold it in a death grip and kick it to death with his back paws it makes a hell of a mess.
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Newest thing to fight over here is the clear plastic cap that comes on a bottle of Hershey choc syrup!
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Pens and pencils. Especially ones that are on the kitchen floor, ones that have half dropped between the sofa cushions, and ones that fell under the sofa. If they have weird textures, like soft rubber grips, they get chosen over normal pens and pencils.
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Cable likes anything that skitters - milk rings, bottle caps, balled up paper...
Pixel likes soft toys she can carry - paper towel footballs, kleenex, etc.
i haven't found a homemade toy for Java - she does like paper bags a lot, tho!
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Callie's crazy about little wads of paper. She loves to play soccer with them as well as carry them off to her "safe place". She also loves to dive under large pieces of packing paper.

Hannah loves playing with a coiled up chenille craft stick (jumbo pipe cleaner). She'll bat at it, chase it, swat it, bite it, and stretch it out. She also loves anything that will make noise on the linoleum floor...milk caps, milk rings, wads of paper, clear plastic lids.

They both love it when I get a large box, cut the ends out (or tape them open), then drape it with an old sheet. The go crazy in that thing!!

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Twist-ties, pipe-cleaners and straws!
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Gus loves to play with rubber bands, pipe cleaners, twist ties, pens, and basically everything he can push around the house.
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Mikey just ran over my head chasing after something. Hes going nuts. He found a size tag from someones shirt and by the way hes pouncing on it youd think he found a catnip filled mouse.
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