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Originally Posted by gardenandcats
Not yet I dread it hubby is self employed ( lobsterman). And I have shoe boxes full of papers for deductions I have to go through. Then we have H and R block do it. Its to complicated for my poor brain to figure out with depreciation and all that fun stuff.
My husband's part-time musician thing allows us to be categorized as self-employed as well. I do up a spreadsheet for our accountant with all music purchases (CD's, etc.), gas, parking, dry-cleaning, meals, telephone, house taxes - anything that we can claim deductions for - and have that included with the receipts. Our accountant says it really helps to cut down on the time required to do our taxes since he needs only to take the total of my columns and put in the appropriate "box" on the electronic form.
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Originally Posted by DRIVEN
I think I really, really messed up on taxes this year.

For one, I used TurboTax and should have used H&R from what everybody is saying. And for two, I just bought a house at the end of last year and I didn't claim anything on that. I guess I could have received almost double the refund?? I don't know for sure, but that's what people have been telling me.
I should think that you could talk to someone in the tax department and apply for a further refund by getting the correct forms. I don't know this for sure, but it seems pretty sensible to me. Worth a try at least.

I'm sure if they made a mistake in your favour they would rectify it!
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
I should think that you could talk to someone in the tax department and apply for a further refund by getting the correct forms. I don't know this for sure, but it seems pretty sensible to me. Worth a try at least.

I'm sure if they made a mistake in your favour they would rectify it!

I'll probably do that. My cousin owns a private place that does taxes. You'd have thought I would have waited and went to him but I wanted them done so fast. I might call him to see if he can help.
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Originally Posted by DRIVEN
I did the other night using Turbo Tax. Cost me $50 dollars just to filed federal and state online and have them direct deposited. What a rip.

Hopefully I get them back by 2/2/2006 as promised.

Anybody else get them out of the way yet?
If you go through the IRS website there are several tax websites that will do them for free, and a small fee for State e-filing. I paid 7.95 last year!
I plan on starting mine this weekend seeing as I now have everything but being as dial up is slow and gets interupted when you live in the pucks it could take me a while. I may have to give up TCS for a couple of days on lunch break and finish them at work!
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Now you're all making me sad. I thought TurboTax was such a good thing too.
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We just filed ours today and hopefully will get the refund in a couple of weeks
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I did mine through Have used the site for 4 years now and it's dirt cheap and I got the source from the IRS website on an IRS approved list, so that made me feel better.
Last year they were charging $9.95 federal and states were free (which I can't do anyways cause I work out of state).
This year federal was free and state was $12.95.
So I did my taxes for free!.....
Pretty cool huh? I was soooooo excited. My X- husband spends $160 on an accountant and I asked why? Give it a shot. He's a teacher so it won't be a complicated return.

Anyways - Head of household, dependants, new house (ie - itemizing for the first time), and having as much taxes as I can taken out of my check = big fat return!! Show me the money....hehe
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Grrrrr, now I do wonder if I can go back somehow and re-file. Has anybody had to or been able to do that?
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Nevermind, Turbo Tax does have a place to amend. I will research this and see what I can come up with.
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Finished mine tonight (I was waiting for a 1099R and it came today). E-filing cost me $34.90, with TurboTax on the Web and I'll have my Federal refund in about 10 days

I ended up owing the state a whole dollar! Gee, I hope I don't need to file an extension, for the payment
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We got the rapid refund and i must say that we were very
pleased with the amount we got back
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I have an appointment with my tax guy on Feb 8th... I really hope my w2 and 1099 are in by then. We received the documents for the mortgage already, which actually surprised me. (The mortgage people that I've talked to don't seem very bright. ) My accountant's office was pro-active this year... they called me back in November to set up my tax appointment. I just hope I don't have to reschedule now.
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my husband is a Deputy CEO/Accountant so he does them for both of us every year, at least that's one thing i don't have to worry about
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I'm so pleased the employers over here do the year end taxes because i wouldn't have a clue where to start?!

You've all got me dizzy now reading your posts!
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You know...I gotta stop getting hopeful every year. The past 3 years I've had to pay Federal, but get a big return from doesn't even out, because the state return in still less then what I have to pay for the Feds.

BLAH!!! I miss the Fed returns I use to get!
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I chose to do mine through HRBlock's online system. I had two states to do, along with Federal. I had to do California along with Illinois because I took part in a class action lawsuit against a former employer... so some of the money was taxable... If you do HRB's online system, you can choose to have the federal put into an HRBlock 'Check card' type of thing... has a Visa logo and your federal refund goes into that card. handy. Because I did that, BOTH of my state filings were free.

Very handy.

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I filed online at on January 13, the first day it was possible to file.

I had to wait until I got my W-2s to do my state because I work two jobs and the second one doesn't take out any federal, but they do take out some state and I needed the paperwork to verify it.

Usually I sit down with my last two paychecks in a year, around New Year's, and figure the taxes in pencil. I hate doing it so much I try to get it out of the way ASAP.

I expect I'll get my state refund in the next couple of weeks.
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Still cant file two employers havent sent w2 and the g99 i think
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