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Cat not covering things..

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My cat does not covering anything after she uses the litter box. Is there any way to correct this problem?
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Some cats cover and some don't. But, you can try letting the cat watch you cover her stuff and she might decide to join in. Another suggestion is to take her paw (without freaking her out) and show her how to cover.

Do you have an open box? If so, you may want to see if she'll use a closed box - at least that should cut down on smell and you won't have to look at the mess .

Also, do you clean/change the litter often? Some cats are very picky. Maybe your cat doesn't want to dig in a non-fresh box.

But, I'd try to fixes above first. Also, you might try searching the forums for a similar topic. I seem to remember this issue being discussed before.
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You could also give her another box so she has two. Make sure it is in a private enough place that she seems comfortable with it, and it is big enough for her to turn around in. Also add a little bit more litter. It just could be her mom never really got around to showing her how to bury her waste properly. Also, if you are using clumping cat litter, it could be the clumps are building up beneath her pads and between her toes and causing some problems. Just some stuff that comes to mind.
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Has kitty ever covered up in the past? As Vikki said some do. . .some don't.

I have one kitty that always covers up. She happens to be very timid. I have another kitty who is not timid who leaves it open to the world in her own territory, but covers up if she is in the other cats territory.

So sometimes it can be a sign of who is where on the cat heirarchy. . .some cats leave it exposed to claim territory. Some cover it up to show submission.
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and i thought my cats were just lazy! kidding. only one of my cats refuses to cover up! thats ok. i wont hold it against her.
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Napoleon didn't cover his stuff for years. I just assumed it was because he was seperated from his mom too early and never learned. When he was 7, we found Alex. Alex is such a fusspot, he won't let anything stay unburied. He used to stand by the box waiting for his big brother to finish, then jump in there to cover it up. I think Napoleon was embarrassed that his little brother had to "flush" for him, so that's why he started to do it himself.
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that sounded funny , this previous reply : "Napoleon never covered his stuff !!!! Hahahaha , never learned that in my history books ....

oh I'm just kidding !!!haha
Sydney used to cover up everything , but lately he does not do it so thoroughly anymore ... . I think it all depends on the stuff you put in the litter-box !!
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Now that I read it again, it does sound a bit revisionist...:tounge2:

This Napoleon is an 12 yr-old. black and white neutered male feline-american who lives with my father. He was named after the famous french dictator because he took over the house immediately upon moving in and acted like the emperor of the world from Day One. A few years ago I found a food dish that said "Royal Highness" in gold lettering on the side. I had to buy it for him cause it was just too perfect.
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You it's funny that you posted this because I never really thought about it but 3 of my cats do not cover their poops. Xavier, the only one who covers his will go back and cover the other cat's messes. Kind of like in real life when you have to go in after someone and shut the toilet lid.
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