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Let's share about Cathi

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So many of you are impacted by her passing, so let's talk about it. Let's talk about what she was here, how she reached out to touch so many.
Her PM's that you would always hope were waiting for you when you came online. How you searched for her posts first before any others. Her constant shining soul that brightened up many a life.

We all know that death is a reality. Most of us believe that death is not the end but a beginning, however, that still does not stop the grief from pouring in.

I always thought I could hear her laughing at all the blond jokes on the board, especially the ones she put up here.

What is it you remember, what is it you are going to miss? I have a candle in my window tonight in honor of this special woman who graced me with her friendship-
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I only knew Cathi from her forum posts of which I recall her humor the most. She would post about Oscar and "The" Sammycat like they could romance any kitty on the board with their charm. I also remember one thread in particular where someone posted a "naughty" quiz; not about sleazy things, but situations like whether you'd tell a friend if you lost their car keys and stuff like that. She scored far above everyone else in the 80's. I just thought that was funny.
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I didn't really know her but I always thought she was funny from her posts. I just remember seeing quite a few posts about buying shoes!! My kinda girl! She just seemed so upbeat and her character shone through on each and every post and I just feel so bad for her family to have lost such a gem.
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Originally Posted by hissy
I always thought I could hear her laughing at all the blond jokes on the board
I know exactly what you mean!. I think that with a lot of the members even now

Cathi seemed to remind me of myself in many ways when reading her posts, in the fact that although she was in her 40's (like me ) she was still young at heart
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gosh where do I start?

I remember her antics of The Sammycat & Oscar
I remember her love of life
I remember her easy going personality
I remember how happy I was to recieve an email from her considering her time online was limited
I remember the laughs we had over silly trivial things
I remember the love she had for Ken - just by reading what she wrote
I remember the way she could laugh at herself and make fun of herself
I also remember the hard times she had

but above all I remember the friendship we shared

Thankyou Cathi - you bought a wonderful light into my life
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My mind is actually still twirling, because it wasnt that long ago that we were chatting about clothes an it felt like i could hear her and now all of a sudden shes gone?
I find it hard to accept death. I like to think they have gone away for a long holiday and are too busy to contact us.
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Cathi married Ken not long after I joined the board, so I felt like I was part of that celebration. He was the light of her life, and I am so happy that they had a few years together.

I always looked for her posts, she always posted upbeat and amusing jokes and stories. Yet, under it all, she had many trials in her own life. I was always impressed that although she could have come here every day to complain, and get people to feel sorry for her, she would always use her time on this board to make people feel better about their own problems.

And she had the best Blonde jokes, a lot of them about herself.
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I always remebered her amazing sig and when she made it It was awesome, so clever
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The wedding plans and pix, the wicked sense of humor, cats, dogs, jokes, shopping for shoes and clothes.

Just a day or so before her heart attack, she started a thread about the difficulty finding clothes, when a woman is of a "certain age". I shared my favorite catalogs with her and wished she were nearby - Cathi would have made a great lunch and shopping buddy.
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I remember that thread. I also remember thinking "I wonder who has more pairs of shoes, Cindy or Cathi?"
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After reading through this thread I am saddened that I never got to know her. Cathi sounds like such a good, kind, and funny lady.
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I was always impressed with Cathi's humor and compassion. She hadn't posted for a while before her heart attack, and then "checked in" here immediately beforehand. Now I feel that fate induced her to "touch base" one last time. She's not somebody who will be forgotten, because she reached out and affected so many people. I'd like to think that she has found total peace, and hope that her family, friends, and fur babies learn to cope with their loss. She'll live on in so many people's memories.
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Originally Posted by fwan
I find it hard to accept death. I like to think they have gone away for a long holiday and are too busy to contact us.
OMG fwan, thats EXACTLY how I look at it (wierd!)

I am sorry I am still getting to know everyone on here, and while I did'nt know her personally, it still hit pretty hard. She sounds like a wonderful, funny person-and I am soo sorry I did'nt get a chance to know her
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I didn't know her that well either, but I went back and read her past posts...well, some of them because I only read some and then was so saddened I couldn't go on reading. Her inner beauty shines through what she wrote. You could tell that she was the kind of person that anyone would be lucky to be friends with. Her posts were so full of life, it's hard to believe she's gone. I am touched...
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Originally Posted by hissy
I remember that thread. I also remember thinking "I wonder who has more pairs of shoes, Cindy or Cathi?"

oh Cathi! I remember her irreverent sense of humor, "Miss Blondness" - her quirky, intelligent, self-depricating way that made her so very human and real. She was such a help to us when we got Sandy at six weeks, I remember seeing her and Dakota beneath a blossoming tree telling me how to integrate the puppy with the kitties. Cathi was a cherry pie full of cat love, dog love, Ken love, family love, and TCS love. I have no doubt she was one of the finest accountants around not because she was so good at her job (she was) but because she was so warm and humble when she spoke of her job. Everything she did was for her home, her family, the dogs and the cats. I don't ever recall when she didn't go the extra mile for anybody that needed her. But beyond all this, Cathi was.....well, she was "ours", wasn't she. She was our cherry pie.

I went looking in the blue room for her today...thinking that by some stroke of fate she'd be there watching over all the broken hearts and kitties on the RB.
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I'm still in shock to learn that Cathi is gone and at a loss for words. Although I've been on TCS for a few years, I'm sorry to say that I did not get to know her well. I read some of her posts, and became very teary eyed. I see how she touched so many lives of people and animals and she will be missed dearly. I pray that she is at peace now and that she's reunited with the people and animals that passed before her. My heart goes out to her family and friends.
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I just found out about the loss of Cathi a few minutes ago and I am shocked and saddened. Even though I only knew her through this board, she seemed like such a warm and wonderful person, and I am so sincerely sorry that she is gone. She will be missed by so many of us here for a very, very long time.
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What suckered me into Cathi was the Sammycat. I was once owned by a Manx and could sit and hear stories all day about them. Then there was Sammycat's mom - witty, happy go lucky, and suddenly there was a vivacious person behind the Sammykins. What can you say about a person so full of life?

It's very hard for me to go here. I lost my mom 6 years ago on the same day and my dearest dog in the world 3 years later on that day. I just want to ban January 24th as a day. I couldn't bring myself to talk about Cathi until today. It's just too much grief.
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I'll carry Cathi in my heart with me for the rest of my life. She was such a loving caring lady.
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I didn't know her well but i did enjoy reading her posts...she seemed
very nice and had a great sense of humor
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I got hooked on this website, and I told Cathi about it and she got hooked that she started entering in the contests there - and she did well for a beginner. It took a lot of searching but I finally found her work. I just hope you can view it.
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