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It's not too late, right?

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I have a female kitty, she's about 9 months old. She has not been spayed yet, because I have not had the money, but I am going to try to get it done in the next month. It's not too late is it? I keep reading that it's best to spay them when they are younger. Growing up, my family cats were always spayed and neutered, so to be honest I don't know if she is in heat right now or not. She meows A LOT (especially at night) and tries to go outside sometimes (we don't let her.) She sporatically goes nuts too, but that just may be her personality! What do you all think? If she is in heat, is it okay to spay her?
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Talk with your vet, but most will spay when a female is in heat. There may be a little extra charge and the risk is slightly higher than a normal spay, but your vet will be better equipped to guide you.
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It is never too late to get a cat spayed! It is just better for their health and comfort to get it done earlier. If she never goes out and you are sure you can keep her safe I would have her spayed as soon as she comes out of a heat cycle - in other words when she is behaving normally.
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My KC wasn't spayed until she was about 2 years old. Not my decision but I had to wait, and she is just fine and dandy! She's never had health problems and is going on 12 yrs old.

Jessie, she was around 2 years old --- unspayed -- and she got a horrible infection in her uterus. Almost lost her. The Vet had to do an emergency hysterectomy! They took everything out, but to this day she has no problems.

So I think you're safe, your kit is still pretty young!
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you will know when a female is in heat by the sounds comingoutta thier mouths, they just don't sound normal. Another sigh is if she is rolling around alot, or have just her butt in air and "prr"ing at you or anything else. not all vets will spay a female in heat, but some will. her heat cycle shouldn't last too long 3-7 days. My one female who is between 9months and a year still hasn't gone into heat. So every anmal is different, but do try to get her spayed as soon as possible. Depending on where you live, some Humane Shelters do a low cost spay. Check with your local chapter is money is tight.
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