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Hi Everyone!

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Hi Everyone I'm new here. My name is Mandy and I have 2 cats. Daisy & Simon are brother and sister born on May 24,2000. Their mother was a stray adopted by one of my husband's clients.
They are such a joy. They are very affectionate to each other as well as to both my husband & I.
Simon is all gray with white paws and Daisy is, what I have been told is called a tri-color,light gray, pale orange & white with a bright pink nose.
They love to play and are both very vocal. Here's the puzzel which I also posted in the health section...we moved 3 months ago and a couple of weeks ago I noticed them shaking their heads and scratching their ears. They are indoor cats and haven't been exposed to any other cat and there is no black discharge so I wouldn't think it was mites,but I understand ear infections are very rare in cats so I am stumped. I have a vet appointment on the 23 but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas.
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Ear infections or rather ear mites that usually cause ear infections, are very common in cats Mandy. Caused by fleas and usually you do see some black gunk in the ears (dried blood) It could be that it is early in the stages of this, but one trip to the vet will figure it out. Welcome to the board! Nice to have you around. Come on over to the lounge and join in on the good conversation and check out the other forums when you have time.
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Welcome to the site!! your babies sound beautiful!! Hope their ear probs get sorted soon!! Let us know!
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elcome - welcome
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