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My female (2 yrs old) has had this issue for awhile now, but it seems to be more noticeable now than it used to be. When she is relaxed (I usually notice when she is laying beside me or on my lap) she spasms in a fairly consistant manner. It centers around her front legs and chest.

I have tried to feel her pulse to check for an irregular heartbeat, but it's hard to tell.

Has anyone seen or experienced this before? We're going to take her to the vet soon, but I figured if someone had information to share it would help out.
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This could be a vast number of things from a major neurological issue, to an electrolyte imbalance, to something as simple as fleas. Only your Dr. will be able to tell you this following your kitty's thorough exam. It is imperative that you get her to the Vet promptly.
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Please get your kitty to the vet soon... I would advise a feline specialist if you have access ...
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