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I hope the S.O.B who did this

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gets thrown in jail and suffers the same or worse. I just don't understand how people can be so CRUEL
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I cried when I read this:
"The most amazing thing was that despite a smashed hip Katie rolled over and started playing when I patted her."
And people wonder why I choose animals over people....
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The person who did this should receive the same treatment
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Yeah it was all over the news here and people were disgusted.

They have just increased the sentance in jail you get if you are convicted of animal cruelty here.

I agree with the fact that they should get the same thing done to them! Then they might understand what that poor animal has had to go through. Oh and not give them any pain killers when they treat them!!
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My mother writes to a family member of ours who is in jail, and he tells her that people who are incarcerated for animal abuse are NOT treated kindly by the other inmates, much like the people who come in for child abuse.

If the person responsible ends up doing time, I'm sure he/she will not be in any hurry to do this again.
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This is horrible! There is a special place in Hell for monsters like that!
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I hope theres a 22 stone cat lover that he has to share a cell with if he does get locked up
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I do not know why I read these as it just breaks my heart.
Poor little girl! How can people be so cruel? I will never understand!
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That site is so very useful and maintained by some great people.
I use it often for sending letters to the appropiate attorney.

But it is cases like that, that make me so angry that i cannot be level headed enough through out my day. Even after all it suffered, that poor kitten still trusted and wanted to play.

one can only hope monsters like this fall down a flight of stairs in his home, shatters every bone in his body lingers suffers and dies alone after days of agony.
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I just recently read that article in another newspaper and agree completely - I think we need to change our laws so that animals are not regarded as property. That might help and ten it would not be so frustrating on a case by case basis - make the penalties so severe that our siciety actually says we value cats. The way it is now says we do not. Or the laws do not anyway.
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I hope he suffers the Gogol curse... he shall spend the rest of eternity in a bottomless pit, with his bones gnawed upon by ghouls and he too shall feel a desire to gnaw but he shall only be able to gnaw upon himself and all the while his bones shall grow larger and he will be unable to move. (from a Terrible Vengence, by Gogol)
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I agree with Carla
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What i don't understand is why in most state animal cruelty is not a higher class felony? They should get the same amount of time as a child abuser would. I can't have children due to chronix health problem, so my kitties and ratties are my children. The lawmkers don't seem to see it that way though.
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May this person rot in h*ll. I just got back from a Humane Society dinner, where people were asked to share a story of an animal that had a profound impact to their lives. We went thru a lot of kleenex and heard a few stories like this. I can't even comprehend what would cause a person to do this, but then again, I can't comprehend insanity.
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I'll never be able to understand how people can be so cruel.
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give me 5 minutes and a bat and this guy would pay for his crime and never be able to physically hurt anyone or anything again!!!
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