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anal sacks

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i was recently travelling with my cat, and when she saw that she was going to be kenneled, she had an unfortunate anal explosion. i know it happens to a lot of cats, but it's never happened to any of my cats before, and she did it twice in three days, so she's extra smelly.
i happened to be staying with a vet tech friend at the time, who handed me a tissue with some jell-like stuff on it to use to clean her up. i used it first and asked questions later. it turns out, it was just soap. i would have never done this, because i wouldn't know if it was safe, but this girl knows her stuff and i trust her.
anyway, the soap didn't work on the smell. now she has soapy fur that i've wiped with a warm washcloth, but it hasn't gotten it all out. now she smells like anal fluid and soap, which (believe it or not) is worse than just anal fluid.
what can i do to clean her up? she just moved across country, so she hasn't settled in yet. i don't want to put her through an all-out bath. any advice?
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Call and ask a vet for some waterless shampoo spray, (Fort Dodge makes it and they could order you some) it works and smells great!
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awesome! thank you!
i asked a different vet tech the other day when i got her cat food, and she had no idea! she said that girl would wash herself off, but it's been days.
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eesh, that's yucky.

I saw some "special" pet bathing wipes at petsmart the other day. Maybe that would help? I haven't tried them myself though.
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