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Gift shops?

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Does anyone know of a good gift shop online where they sell figurines? My mom's birthday is Wednesday and I want to get her something to do with ladybugs. She loves ladybugs and collects everything about them(even has a tattoo of 3 of them, one for each of her children). I've looked at hallmark.com and surprise.com but nothing there.

Any suggestions will be helpful.
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Seriously, try eBay. They have all kinds of stuff there, kind of like a big flea market, and you never know what you might find. Just put 'ladybug' in the search and go!
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Try here, the other place I posted (and deleted) their products were all out of stock.

ladybug haven
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Thank you sunlion and hissy for the suggestions. I love that site kritters in the mailbox and I don't know why I didn't think of it myself. I always go there and check to see if they got any more black cat and Persian cat stuff in.

It's too bad the ladybug figurines were sold out. I really liked the one.

Anyway I couldn't find anything ladybug I think she'd like(I'm picky when it comes to picking out gifts) so I remembered she liked the poem Footprints. I did find a nice candle with it printed on there. It's really pretty and I hope she likes it.

Thanks you guys!!
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Try QVC.com. I have bought a whole crystal collection for my daughter there. I know there's a crystal lady bug. Also there is a great collection of figurines by many different artists. Good luck!
p.s. I have been buying almost everything from them. They are honest to a fault, even replaced a ring I called about, forgot about, and finally returned a year later. It was defective. They make sure to return your shipping and handling too.
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I've gotten great stuff from:collectiblestoday.com I have a collection of shoe music boxes, from them and they link to several , other companies.
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