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Long Overdue

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Well....I never posted in here, and now that I finally have a picture to link, I thought I should introduce you to Niles and Manytoes. Ill have you know they were sleeping peacefully when I snuck up to take the picture, but in the split second between pressing the button and a digital camera taking the picture, the eyes opened. They dont want to show a bunch of strangers that they can sleep cutely together....

Niles is my bigbaby - the grey tabby in the back. I got him from a box someone left at the Local farmers market in 2001, way way too young to be away from his mother. I cant even speculate how young he was, no more than a couple weeks. He went to the vet, who told me how to take care of him over the next few weeks, he needed milk substitute for 2 weeks, then went on a special young kitten mush food combo diet, then finally solid food. He is super soft, but has super fine hair, and LOTS of it. He likes to leave it all over my house, and all over my dark clothes.
Manytoes (aka minikitty) is my minibaby - the black devil in front. He was born in August of 2004. He was a kitten of my friends polydactyl cat, and is a polydactyl himself. Has 3 extras on front right, 2 on front left, and actual dew claws on both rear paws. The right rear dew claw toe actually has 2 perfectly formed claws coming out of it, it is like 2 extra toes that never separated. He has 2 superclaws among his front toes. They need a bunch of trimming and close watching, but I wont have to get any of them removed if I keep on top of them. Manytoes (and the rest of his litter) almost died as kittens, its a long painful story that makes me very angry, but the gist of it is that 1 week before I brought him home, his litter got feline dystemper from their unvaccinated outdoor mommy....His growth was stunted, but he mostly caught up. Hes still my minikitty though.....

Anyways, thanks for reading!
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Isn't it frustrating how uncooperative they get infront fo the camera?
Anyway, Niles and Manytoes are a pair of sweeties!
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Wellcome, wellcome and once more wellcome!!!
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Hello and welcome!
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Welcome! If you have any questions about the site, please feel free to click on my user name and send a private message.
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Hello and welcome here. Your kitties are just lovely!
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Becky - your kitties are gorgeous
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Thanks everyone! Believe me, they know theyre cute
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Hello Hello Hello

Welcome to TCS - we are glad that you joined us

Looking forward to getting to know you and your kitties better

Manytoes has a very fitting name! My Boogs is a poly too
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Hi welcome to the site, they are gorgeous.
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Your kitties really are adorable!
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awwwwwww simply precious thanks so much for sharing!!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!! ....

See you on the forums!
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