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Cats Hiding

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We're about to hit the road for a trip in the RV. All the kitties (except Ming Loy) lived there for several years. When we first moved into the house, all but Tuxedo hid under a cedar chest we had down at the end of the bed. We brought their trees and their beds - but they wanted no part of it until they got comfortable. And for some of them it took quite a while!

We've lived in the house for over a year now. The RV has been ripped apart inside. It'll look and smell totally different to them. We're bringing quite a few of their cat trees - but my guess is that all but Tuxedo will hide under the bed in their beds for most of the trip.

Poor babies - but Spooky sure does looks spooked in this pic! (That's Shelly peering out next to her).
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Awww!, poor babies!
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Aw look at wee Spooks!
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Awwwwwww bless their little cotton socks
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Awwww, bless! Poor babies!
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