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My husband got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Holy cow, I'm practically jumping up and down. My husband got a real job as an EMT, not just a volunteer job, a real one! Yay!!!! We're both servers and we really don't even make ends meet because serving and bartending aren't exactly stable income jobs. He got a job as an EMT for a factory. He'll be making $11 an hour and working 2nd shift 40 hours a week. It isn't exactly glamorous, but it's stable and it has full health benefits!!! Health insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't had health insurance for about four years!!!! Yay!!

Ok, I'm going overboard on the smiley faces!! I'll stop now. I'm just soooo excited!! We will actually be able to afford for him to start paramedic classes now too, yay!!
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How thrilled you must be - I'm very happy for you!
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Thats fantastic!!!!! I was also without health insurance for about 3 years until I found this job, I know how un-easy that makes you feel, I'm soo glad you don't have to worry about that anymore.

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Congrats to both of you!
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CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!! both you and your husband. That is great news

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All right! That is wonderful news! Certainly seems like a good year for people to get jobs! I sure hope that this luck gets rubbed off on me!

Go out and celebrate! And have a great time!
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Congratulations!!! I bet that takes a load off your minds!! I hope he enjoy's his new position.
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Congratulations, that's wonderful news!
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Thanks everyone
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That's wonderful!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so happy for you!
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Yeah for you guys!!!!
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