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Nutro or Cosma?

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Well the hills diet didn't work as from previous thread didnt agree with them.

I found a site with Nutro and Cosma on, I can only find kitten stage in the dry Nutro.

I want to feed part wet and dry, would it be ok to feed the smaller tins of Nutro, or Cosma, with Nutro kitten dry for them? the only kitten stage wet food on the site is hills which doesn't agree with them, an they barely touch, or almo nature which is really expensive, and one flavour by the look of it.



I need to order it tonight, so it gets here in time before the little bit of hills runs out, not that there eating it anyway,
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How old are the kittens? Nutro dry kitten is good, and both Nutro and Cosma wet are fine for adult cats, and probably much better than Hill's Kitten for kittens, too. I feed both of them, as well as Almo Nature and Schesir, which are available for kittens, and both rather pricey, as you said. Jamie (6, and 6 kg.) gets 30 g. of dry food in the morning, and a small can of Cosma, Almo Nature, or Schesir in the evening. Kittens burn off the calories, but you'd still probably only have to feed one small can or a pouch of Almo or Schesir http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/cats/c...d_pouches/3648 if you fed dry, too.
My vet recommended feeding Nutro to Jamie when he was a kitten, although at the time the kitten variety wasn't available here, because she felt it was far superior to Whiskas Kitten & Co., so it should be okay.
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Hi - I haven't tried Cosma, but I do give my kittens and my cats Nutro wet and dry (both kitten and adult), and its VERY good. My kittens have never had (touch wood) any stool problems, it really does keep stool odour down, and best of all they guzzle the stuff (the dry stuff), they really seem to enjoy it!

My female cat had a very rough coat when she was on mostly wet until I starting feeding her the dry-wet combination, now her coat is soooo baby soft, and she moults less, and her sensitive belly is much better too.

I try and feed a tin of wet Nutro for each kitty each day, and they fill up on the dry, the part wet/dry regime works well for me

good luck!
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I just checked again to see what was available at zooplus in the UK (I'm a regular customer in Germany, so quite familiar with the brands they offer.) They sell both Royal Canin and Eukanuba dry for kittens, and another wet alternative would be Animonda Kitten. I don't know whether you want to offer a lot of variety. Perhaps Nutro and RC dry, Cosma and Nutro adult canned, and Animonda kittten canned? Animonda isn't great, but it's definitely at least a step above the supermarket variety, and some of the stuff sold at vets' offices. Another adult wet food you could feed occasionally is Miamor Fine Fillets. That's either chicken or tuna, with some kind of "topping" to enhance the flavor, and no by-products. The fat content is a bit too low to feed it to kittens every day, but once or twice a week would be okay.
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Thanks hehe! the kittens are 5 months now. hehe.

Yeah I had a feeling the nutro adult would be just as good as kitten varity.

I'll buy some Nutro dry kitten and adult for Missy.

Some Nutro wet adult, Cosma wet adult, to share between Missy and kittens and almo nature kitten to feed to kittens once or twice a week.

does that sound ok?

I really thank you for your help.

my feeding routine is usually wet in morning some dry for dinner and more wet before bed.
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Ok heres what I ordered Missy will only be having adult varitys kittens will be sharing adult nutro and cosma with Missy and also have kitten pouches and foil trays every few days.

18 cans of nutro various flavours.
85g cans.

12 tins of cosma
170g cans.

Animonda vom Feinsten for kittens 6 x 100 g
- Meat saucer

Megapack Animonda Rafiné Soupé Kitten 20 x 100 g
- Turkey, Heart & Carrots

I orderd Missy some nutro dry.
and the kittens some nutro dry of the kitten varity, I was just alittle wary of giving adult cosma and nutro, but its so much better that the junk in the food I realised they had before, theres slight extra fat I think the kitten pouches and trays, If I give them each one, every say 2 days or so, Hows that?

I just really want to find them a good healty diet, Missy needs to gain abit of weight, as she refused to eat her old food, the kittens are fine weight wise, thanks for your help!
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That sounds pretty good. I don't think you'll run into any problem feeding some adult formulas if the bulk of their food is kitten formula.
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Thanks very much, You gave me the link to the site before as well. very helpful.
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