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Problems after vet visit

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Hi all. I'm new here, so forgive me if this is a topic that has been covered. I did check the thread, but didn't see anything.

About a month ago, we brought home two cats from a local shelter. One is a very outgoing, friendly, young male cat. The other a slightly older female who is more reserved, but friendly. She breifly hid under beds when we first brought her home but was easily coaxed out. She was very timid at first, but lately she had gotten over that for the most part. And she was never afraid of us, just of the new situations. She and Swanie have become good friends, they play together, and she follows him around everywhere.

Last Monday we had to take her to the vet because of overgrooming to the point of causing abrasions on her body. The vet gave her a shot, some antibiotics, and a flea treatment. She was a little jumpy when we brought her home, but didn't run away.

Tuesday morning we gave her a dose of the antibiotics. First I tried putting it into her food, but that didn't work, so we held her and forced it on her in the usual manner. Afterward she ran up the stairs and under the bed. She was there all day yesterday. When I got home from work, we took the bed apart and chased her down. We loved on her, and when we went out she was on the bed looking out the window. We thought she was okay, but after we got back and my husband went in to pet her, she ran under the bed again. We got her out again, took her into our bed and took turns calming her until she was purring, kneading, and very relaxed. We let her sleep in our bed until 1:00. Swanie slept beside her. We normally put them out around 10:00. This morning they both greeted us as usual, she even jumped up on the bed to greet my husband. However, when I walked toward her (not after her, just in her direction), she ran downstairs. After I went downstairs and said hi to her, she ran back up under the bed. She did come out briefly, but the phone ringing sent her back under again, and she's still there (it's noon).

My question is, how can get her back to not be afraid of us, and reassure her that we love her and we aren't going to hurt her? The vet has said it's okay not to give her any more of the antibiotics, but we have to take her back next Monday and I'm dreading it. I know it takes patience, but is it better to let her come out on her own, or go after her, and then spend time calming her? All I want is for her to be well and happy and healthy. But I don't want her having to spend her life under a bed frightened all the time. Plus, Swanie misses his friend and playmate.

Sorry this is so long, thanks for reading it. I'm hoping somebody will have some good advice for me.
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I hope actually Hissy will be by....she is the queen at calming feral cats.....

However let me see if I can pretend to be her and give you some advice........

W/ cats it is always better to let them come to you....Cats are very susceptable to stress and get frantic quite easily..........

You have to think that you dont know what this poor girls life was like before she came to you....Now knowing the abuse she suffered and such makes it hard to determine why she is acting this way.........

My Emmet used to be beaten w/ brroms by a previous owner...and even though I have never hit him w/ a broom he still runs away when I sweep.......

My suggestion would be to giver her time...As long as she is eating...drinking...and going the bathroom in the proper area than she is fine...and just in need of a time-out........

I know one of Hissys suggestions is always to go into the room she is in and lie on the floor on your back.....DONT look at the cat while you do this....Play some music or put on a TV while you lie thier....then leave...repeat this for awhile....and soon enough the poor kit will come to you ON HER OWN TERMS.......

Just realize if you were scared and hiding under a bed....and then someone dismantaled the bed right in front of you...Imagine how freaked out you would be..........The only time I ever did that was when Emmet was close to death and I had to get him to the VET right then and there.......

So please have patients......and I will be sending you tons of good luck vibes that this intergration goes smoothly from now on.....

Good luck
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Thank you for the advice. I didn't actually dismantle the bed, just pulled the mattress back a bit, but I get the picture. My thinking was to get to her and show her it was okay. Also because she wasn't eating, drinking, or using the litter (or going at all). And because of the infections that I know need to be treated. Hopefully I haven't messed up too badly.

I do think she was abused in some way, because if you go to pet her without first letting her sniff your finger, she flinches. And when she first got brave enough to jump up on the furniture, if I walked into the room, she would jump down as if I were going to yell at her for being there. I'm frustrated beyond belief (and sad) because she was at a point where she knew it was okay to do pretty much whatever she wanted, and she was starting to play with the toys a little bit. Oh well, guess I'll just have to give her a little more time.
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