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Foley has FUS

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I think thats what its called? We took him to the vet last nite in a hurry.

While feeding our baby Jesse, I noticed from the rocker that Foley had been in his litter box for awhile (its in our master-bath right now). I thought, well - he must be poo'in .. he's always been a big stinky poo'er. But after about 20 minutes I was worried ... then 45 minutes goes by and during this he would just sit there .... try and come out, but stay in the squatty position. On further inspection ... little dribbles of pee were on the floor. So I closed the bathroom door so he wouldnt get it all over and called a vet.

We took him. Which he HATES with passion being ANYwhere new, and I got a pretty bad arm gouge. Ow. So the doc looks him over and sure enough, he needs to be 'flushed out'. Poor baby!

The bad part is, on my way out, they wanted a $150 deposit!! Ouch! We dont have it! I had left my check book with my husband, so I had no way to pay anyway .. heck, the money wouldnt even be there either. Its also gonna be $300 for the first day of treatment - and they need him for a FEW DAYS! What am I gonna do?! We our sweet furboy very much, but we cant afford to do this! We didnt wanna just keep him home, in pain and then watch him die of it! But then again, we cant afford this?

Hm. This has turned into rant instead of a 'give Foley good vibes'. Opps. Sorry.

Anyway, he needs Good Vibes for a safe recovery!
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Ask them for a payment plan - any decent VET will help. If not use a credit card - borrow the money - sell something

This is VERY SERIOUS - since he is a male this can also turn very deadly (poisoning his system) very quick.
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So sad for your little guy I hope you can find the money to make him better. What is FUS?
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FUS = Feline Urinary Syndrone - now known as feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) - affects both male and female cats.

If untreated, it can be fatal.
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Originally Posted by Hell603
FUS = Feline Urinary Syndrone - now known as feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) - affects both male and female cats.

If untreated, it can be fatal.
call another vet if this one wont due payment s you need to take him ASAP
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I agree, most vets will work on a payment plan for you. Cats are a delight to own, but they are also a huge responsibility. I have many times gone into the hole for these wonderful creatures. I will probably be visiting that hole again this year. I hope not, but they can and do get sick and injured and when that happens, you just find a way to cover their needs.

When you can't afford
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It's a good thing you noticed Foley's problem so quickly (BTW, I love his name!). And I agree, any decent vet will come up with a payment plan. I've had several cats over the years that have been aflicted with FUS. It can be a once in a lifetime ailment, or it re-occur throughout a cat's life. You'll find a way to cover Foley's vet bills; it's just something we all have to do from time to time. Sending get-well vibes Foley's way.
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This can be a serious thing for your cat. I have two male cats and both of them have had urinary problems. Speedboat always recovered with antibiotics, etc. Muffin has been blocked three times and catherized. Both of them eat a special prescription food from the vet to help keep it in check.
Please realize this can be fatal for your cat if left untreated. Ask the vet if you can pay some now and some each month. I agree with Hissy. Having cats is nice. However, they are a huge responsibility. I believe they should be treated for ailments just like you would do a child. People who can't afford to take care of them should not have them as pets.
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