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my first exam ever is tomorow morning!
on friday i'm free
monday i have science and tuesday i have geography
wish me luck
i am so scared
good luck to everybody else taking exams
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Oh no good luck!! It's so scary but once you're in there getting on with it you'll calm down don't worry. It will soon be over just do your best.
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If you've studied well, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about Have confidence in yourself and you'll do jsut fine - and don't forget to get plenty of rest (and a little extra sugar at breakfast time is a good tip too) Oh and do let us know how you think you did!! Good luck!
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I remember my first exams in Grade 9 (even though it was over 10 years ago!) and everyone was scared, but they're really not that bad. Once you start writing it it'll be ok, and if you've studied, you'll do great! Just remember to breathe! Good luck!
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thanx u guys,
i will keep you posted on how it goes
but for now --- studying hard
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yeah we can tell you are-

Good luck with studying.
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.....Oh, brother, what a pain!! But I don't think they're quite as bad as people make them out to be. My first exams, I was so happy because I got a day off and a couple days I got to come home 2 hours early!

But I do suggest that you use some of your time off to study. I know it's a bummer, but it will really pay off and you will whip right through those exams if you know the material!! Don't rush too much though. Skip over a problem if it takes too long and come back to it later. Take your time, but not too much time. Read any articles they give you thouroughly. If you have extra time, go back and check your answers quickly. As for essays, remember good structure is key. Lol I still remember all this becasue my teachers drilled it into our heads sooooo much!!!!

Best of luck to you!

Now, get studying......
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Good luck on the exams!!
How is your one kitty doing that was injured last yr??
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Oh and remember don't stress too much, don't get all tense. I too suggest a good breakfast, like orange juice and a banana or some sugary cereal, and plenty of sleep. Cramming and last-minute studying doesn't help, so don't stay up all night. Get to bed at a decent time too please.

I wanna know how it goes!
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Study well ahead of time and make sure you get a good night's rest before you take the tests. It helps!!!!

Good luck!
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Get off the computer and study!

Trust me my first ever important results came back today after two months of anticipation and it makes it all worth while if you have studied hard!
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i just finished my exam it was only a computer exam so it was rather easy i tried to send a reply right before it but it didnt work
i think it is not to bad i only left one blank because in quatro pro i did not know the difference btw relative and absolute adressing
thanx everyone
i will send another reply when i get home
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Casmo my cat that got shot last year is fine
she seems very happy and is diapered now she gets a bath everyday she doesnt like them to much but it is necesary and over time she will get used to i believe. she is very playfull especialy in the morning and at night
I'm woried about when the weather starts geting warmer tho because she will want to go outside again she doesnt like snow much. but for now she doesnt seem to mind her new way of life. she is doesn't get out of the kitchen only once in a while and for her bathes ofcourse.
she has become much more afectionate than before and has a habit of runing by right in front of you causing you to almost trip over her
i believe that all members that praid and send casmo vibes really did make a difference it kept her happy and the suport kept up my confidence in her.
i would like to thank sara aswel for sending the medal for casmo's collar it has kept her safe all this time
and thanks for rememberering her
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