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kitten problems

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I have recently been given a pure black kitten who is 17 weeks old and absolutely beautiful. The lady originally told me he was only 12 weeks old, but on a visit to the vet, found out he is more like 17 weeks old! Anyway, i have his vaccs done 2 weeks ago as he had not had them. He had been let outside and mingled with 4 other cats in the house. My problem is he constantly miaows. He does not eat a great deal, and the other day when stroking him I noticed a small bald patch on the side of his stomach. When I looked closer it looks like a small wart. Im not sure what it is and whether the miaowing is because he is in pain or something else. We have had him now for 2 weeks, and he seems settled because he plays and purrs. Im not sure what to do and would be grateful of any advice before i take him to the vets again. His mother was 1/2 persian so he is quite slinky, but i dont want him to suffer if this miaowing is because of a pain somewhere.

Thanks, any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

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My only advice is to take him back to the vet. Only a vet will be able to see and diagnose the lump and if he is crying he may very well be sick or hurting.

I would recommend you taking him as soon as possible.
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Hello and welcome to TCS! I agree with Yosemite - it could be anything, and he may just be meowing because he is lonely or frightened in a new place. I would take him to the vet. We all look forward to pictures of him, if you can post some!
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Thanks for your replies and I am going to take him to vets. I just didnt want to make a mountain out of a molehill, so just thought I would check with you guys first.

I have photos of him but have not yet got them on to my pc, but will do it as soon as poss so u can see him.

He is almost the spitting image of your black cat, third pic along. He is so lovely and I would hate anything to happen to him.

Will keep u posted, and once again thanks for the replies.

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