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Monday's DT

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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I am sorry I was missing so long! I had the sleep clinic (it was horrid!), then I slept for a couple of days, then I got kidney stones. I have had a miserable week and a half (except when the Toronto Rock beat the Albany Attack in the championship game of lacrosse). I seem to have alot of catching up to do. I hope I have time today - I will have someone sitting with me for at least part of the day for training. I am very tired today - I had too much sugar yesterday and I didn't fall asleep until 4 this morning and the alarm went off at 5:30 Urgh! I hope everyone has a great day and I look forward to catching up!
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Welcome back adymarie. You're probably repeating yourself on this but what was the sleep clinic for?

Anyway my mom is comming down today. I haven't seen her or my brother and sister for almost a year. They live in RI and we never seem to make it out each other's way.

So here I am rushing around cleaning up what I didn't yesterday. The state of this house makes me so angry. I live with two slobs!!(Brian and his room mate, Ron) So I have this huge house to clean all by myself not to mention I have to cook as well. Today when Brian comes home from work I'm going to tell him he's going to have to start picking up around here as well. Or at least pick up after himself!

Now I know what my mom meant when I was a kid about the house never being clean. I absolutely cannot stand a dirty house. I do like to clean but you get burnt out after a while and during the week when I work, I'm so tired I can't clean and by the weekend the house is a mess.

Ok, enough of my rambling.

Have a great day everyone!
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Welcome back Ady. Jessica-have fun with your family.

I don't really mind being back at work today since its bright, sunny and warm. Temps are suppossed to be in the 80s! :flower: Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was filled with the usual...cleaning and running errands. Have a great day everyone!!!
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Another beautiful day in Colorado! We are supposed to be in the 80s as well.

Welcome back Ady! Glad to hear you are getting somewhat back to a normal schedule. And kidney stones - ouch!!

BadHabit - I completely understand what you mean about cleaning up after someone else. My husband is a slob, too, and for some reason it doesn't bother him at all to leave dirty dishes laying around, trash on the floors, etc. Luckily, I have at least gotten him to confine his mess to his computer room. I just don't go in there much. I'm not a clean freak or anything, but leaving food out for days on end is just disgusting! Anyone have any tips on how to get them to clean up after themselves???

Well, it is definitely Monday morning. I sure hope today goes by fast. It already feels like a long day and it is just past 9:00!
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Tips on getting the men in our lives to help out around the house:

All I did was compromise. Maybe I have a great man, but he agreed to do ALL the cooking and the laundry. He also occasionally will do a load of dishes, and vaccuum whenever I tell him to. I do the dishes, dusting, sweeping, mopping, and vaccuuming. He's still messy though. I think it's programmed into the men at a young age, or something!!

Beautiful day here...nice and cool. The sun is trying to peak out, but it's pretty overcast. Yesterday it was really foggy!! At least there is no snow. That's all I care about!!

Have a wonderful day everyone
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Good Morning everyone, today in Utah is a cloudy day. Suppose to rain. Yesterday it was windy which was awful because since I live near the Great Salt Lake and it stinks over there! Then when its windy, the stink spreads all over the valley. Smells like rotten eggs! Very humid today. Not much to do. Just working and playing with Rascal today. Last Saturday, he gave me a big scare. I couldn't find him anywhere. Then I noticed that the window to the bathroom was opened. I was really worried because I was afrad I was going to lose Rascal the same way I lost Jake. But, I went into the backyard and there he was. He was scared. He came up to me and I picked him up and took him back in! I have been taking him out to the backyard without his leash. He goes exploring and I am there to see that nothing happens to him. So, I guess that is why he didn't leave. But when I found him, I gave him a lot of hugs and kisses!
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Busy weekend! Monday came too soon for me. We adopted 2 kittens from a local shelter this weekend -- orphaned 6 week old girlkitties -- so cute! We have them in a safe room and they are adjusting well. The only problem is that one of them (Cordelia) developed a problem with walking. She looks so pathetic & she is obviously in pain. I went into work and immediately arranged for a sub so I can take her to the vet. I'll get all their bloodwork done while I am there, just to make sure we are not dealing with feline leukemia or FIV or anything.

I feel like this is some sort of injury, but really do not want to take a chance with Cordelia's health, or the health of our other kitties.

Wish us luck!
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Good luck! Megh-let us know what happens with your kitty. Hopefully everything will turn out ok.
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I am back from the vet, and the news is inconclusive. They are both FeLV negative (sigh of relief), but Cordelia's condition is a puzzler. It could be one of 3 things: trauma, infection, or neurological disorder. If it is a trauma, she will heal. If it is an infection, she will have other symptoms. If it is a neurological disorder, she will either recover (unlikely) or continue to deal with it. The vet wants us to let her know how she is doing in a week.

This is the first time I have seen this vet in the practice, and I like her a lot. Her main concern is to be as harmless to the cat as possible, so that is why she did few tests. I trust her.

Has anyone had experience with neurological disorders that affect limbs???
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Megh, at the clinic where I work at we had two kittens that came in and were to be put up for adoption. A week later they both became very sick and one of them died. The one who survived had suffered some neurological damage and constantly had a head bob. He also didn't have much control over his back legs and when he'd walk he'd stumble.

Over a year later he has been doing fine. His head dosen't shake as much but he still flops a bit with his back legs. He can walk fine but his back end will come around and he walks sideways. He lives a happy life and one of the doctors I work with adopted him. He can walk up and down the stairs but has trouble jumping.

We had named him Helter Skelter. He's a great little cat who has overcome the odds.

Hopefully everything will work out for the best with Cordelia. Whatever the cause I hope she pulls though and I wish the best of luck to both of you.
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Crazy day at work. Had my interview, this afternoon: I GOT MY TRANSFER!!!! Start at my new store, Saturday. Instead of 13 miles, one way, I'll be driving less than 2! More sleep, less gas. Also, my ex, finally, made a reasonable offer: spousal support, all my legal fees and he's paying me what I had to pay for my current car, since he ran off with ours. The only thing that I need to make my life complete, is for one of his body parts (Guess?) to turn black and fall off. All in all, not a bad Monday!
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Congrats on the transfer Cindy! It is so nice to work close to home. I work about 2 miles from home now, too and wonder how I ever did it the other way.

It's good that your ex is making a good offer for you. Gosh, between you and Sunlion, you guys are making me realize just how messy divorce can be.
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I know the West Coast is chilly and damp today, but we are probably going to break the record high here in PA and the rest of the northeast! Depending on what expert you believe, the high today will be from 85 to 87. The house was so hot I called my husband (we're separated, but love each other) and asked him to put the air conditioner in the window. I have a breathing problem and cannot breathe well when it's hot and humid. Bless his heart; he came on his lunch hour. It's been so hot at night that I was up until 4:00 a.m. the other night. I just lay there. Now I'm so tired! I love summer, but the heat and humidity were not expected so early.. The jet stream is having a nervous breakdown or something like that...Ahhhhh, the air is starting to get cooler in here; that's better!
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