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Got a Spraying Problem

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One of my younger cats, Salem has decided it's a good idea to spray all over the house

He sprays in the kitchen, in the hallway and we caught him spraying on my leather suite tonight

He is neutered and I can't understand why he's doing this. When I catch him at it, he gives me a look as if to say "I'll spray if I like!!!" I don't want to have to rehome him as he is a gorgeous, friendly cat but I can't have my house ruined either. The only thing that's changed is that our new next door neighbours, a really nice young family have got a female cat (a rescue but we think she is spayed) and I have seen Salem chasing her and being quite aggressive, growling and spitting and this spraying business does coincide with that.

Any suggestions on how to deter him from spraying anyone???
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We had this same thing happen with our female. She was an indoor only cat and the neighbors cat was allowed to run outside. It would come up to our doors and windows which set off the spraying in our cat. It was territorial spraying.

We used feliway plugins and spray to help calm her and used Natures Miracle to treat the sprayed areas. And we blocked her from looking out the windows.
Its important that you get ontop of this before it becomes too much of a habit.
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Yes I agree with Feliway, try that out, the plug ins not the spray.

It could be that the female cat isn't actually spayed.

Also, you are sure he is spraying and not peeing correct?
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It's definitely spraying - he backs up against the object of his attention, tail straight up in the air, shakes tail rapidly and sprays then has the nerve to look pleased with himself
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