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How do I keep her inactive after spaying?

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Abi was spayed this morning and was out of anesthesia by 11. the vet said to keep her from jumping or licking her incision. Short of following her around everywhere, how do I amanage that? I know i can get an e-collar from the vet tomorrow if I need it, but no jumping? isn't that like telling a kitten not to breathe? Someone advise me PLEASE.
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Hmm- I'm sort of surprised they didn't keep her overnight. My first vet kept the two older boys, and the second vet kept my girl- she would have sent her brother home to, but figured they could stay together. This is what I would do. Don't play any wild games with her the first 24 hours. Keep her in a room, like a bedroom where she has all of the things she needs and won't be tempted to rough house. Check the stiches every so often to make sure she isn't pulling them out and there is no bleeding or oozing or anything.
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she isn't going beserk- she is being sedate but alert, but she has gone up the stairs when i wasn't looking ( I carried her down) and now I will keep her in the guest suite where her food water and litter box in the adjoining bathroom all are. but at some point I am going to fall asleep and then what? Am I being a massive worrier? My husband thinks I am going overboard so I can't tell.

This vet wasn't wildly expansive on directions, and I thought of the trio she was the most conscientious because she finally cleared up the ear infection and the eye herpes ( which is flaring up with all the stress)
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I think mostly the fact that they have some pain helps keep them a little quieter than usual. Blue and Jazz were spayed today, too! So far, Blue snuck out to the kitchen to sit in a chair for a few minutes, but now has gone back into the bedroom next to her sister. They are sleeping under the bed...a dark quiet place. They do have a nice soft blankie.
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She should probably stay pretty calm due to the pain & discomfort of the procedure for a day or so. When Hannah was spayed earlier in the month, she was kept overnight, then when we brought her home, she was in a room by herself where she couldn't jump on anything too high. She was her normal self again in about 3 days.
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